John McGlynn the best man to manage Hearts says former Raith Rovers striker Gregory tade

GREGORY TADE believes there’s no better candidate to become the new Hearts manager than John McGlynn.

The Frenchman, who will be playing for St Johnstone next season after making the move under freedom of contract from Inverness, worked under McGlynn for two years at Raith Rovers.

He still regards his old manager as a friend and revealed that McGlynn has never made a secret of the fact that the Tynecastle side are the club closest to his heart.

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Tade said: “He was my gaffer for two years and I think it is a shame for Raith if he goes but it would be good for him because he loves the club more than anything and is very attached to them.

“I know that they won the Scottish Cup and finished in an okay position in the league but – although I don’t have any issue with Paulo Sergio whatsoever – there is no way he could have been as committed as John McGlynn.

“There is no doubt that he would have the respect of the fans straight away and that he would respect them back.

“No-one in the whole of Edinburgh is as big or as true a fan as him. He was always talking about Hearts and when I was with Raith, he showed me a watch that the club had given him and he was very proud of it,” Tade went on.

“Any time that he was betting with other players in the team, he would always back Hearts, no matter who they were playing and I am sure that he would love to go back there.”

Tade praised the job that McGlynn has done with Rovers over the past few years, taking them from Second Division strugglers to established First Division outfit.

And, although McGlynn was only a caretaker manager in the SPL, the Frenchman is confident that he would slot into any new role at a top-flight club on a longer-term basis with ease.

“I know that he doesn’t have that much experience as a manager in the SPL but I am sure that he will adapt as he always has in any situation that he has been in,” he said.

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His attachment to Hearts aside, Tade also knows from personal experience just how good a man manager his old boss is, having turned to him for advice on more than one occasion. And Tade continued: “I owe him a lot, in fact I probably owe him my whole career, because if it wasn’t for him I don’t know what would have happened.

“I was with Clyde in the First Division and when I was released he brought me and he helped me out and sorted my career out and did wonders for me.

“I had a few problems when I was with Raith Rovers.

“I needed to sort some stuff out at home and he was always there to talk to. The lads like him in the changing room, when you are working with him you want to give 100 per cent.

“He doesn’t ask much, he just wants you to listen and work hard.”