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Hearts’ performance at Parkhead showed Craig Levein can trust his young players

Craig Levein has shown throughout his managerial career that he isn’t afraid to give youth a chance to shine in the first team. He’s very much in the ‘if they’re good enough, they’re old enough’ to start camp. That said, his hand has been forced more than he would have liked this season due to a lengthy, bordering on calamitous, injury list the club has had to contend with.

Back in the 1970s, Ernie Winchester played in a Hearts team that couldn't score and couldn't win a trophy.  Photograph: SNS Group

‘Of course Hearts can win the Scottish Cup. Eric and Ernie aren’t playing’

Show me a Hearts fan who thinks their team can win the Scottish Cup and I’ll unmask him as a mad delusional fool who reckons Ernie Winchester was a surer shot in front of goal than the rifle he invented in his spare time… that Laryea Kingston was brave and committed and worth every penny… that 1 January, 1973 would have been different if only Eric Carruthers had scored in the first few minutes.

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