Football bodies will work together for league change

League bodies have formed a working party to move towards a restructure of the game in Scotland
League bodies have formed a working party to move towards a restructure of the game in Scotland
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THE Scottish Premier League and Scottish Football League are to form a working party to press ahead with attempts to revamp the structure of Scottish football.

The Scottish Football Association made the announcement after an “extremely productive” meeting of the professional game board (PGB).

The board is made up of representatives of all three football bodies and the meeting came after the 12 top-flight clubs agreed earlier this week to go ahead with plans for two top 
divisions of 12, splitting into three groups of eight midway through the season.

An SFA statementread: “The first meeting of the working group will take place later this month and will also include representatives of the Scottish FA board. The PGB are greatly encouraged by the willingness on both sides to engage on the many areas of common ground and also in their commitment to implementing change. After the working party have reached consensus on a final set of proposals, they will be presented to all clubs across SPL and SFL.”

SFL chief executive David Longmuir, speaking on BBC Sportsound, said: “We’ve established a lot of common ground and that’s what we’re going to build on. I’m satisfied as head of the SFL, it was a very constructive, positive meeting. Everybody came to the table with a willingness to improve the game and do our best for the game. 
I was very encouraged.”

The SPL unanimously backed two top leagues of 12 which split into three divisions of eight 
after 22 games, with an 18-team bottom league below.

Last month, SFL clubs set out vastly different plans for a 
16-10-16 structure but Longmuir added: “Don’t get hung up on the plans, it’s the principles we all found loads of common ground on. So we’ve got to work on. I’m not too worried about the plans in terms of the numbers.”