Fans react as the SFA announces decision to remain at Hampden

Supporters around Scotland have reacted after the Scottish FA confirmed it would not leave Hampden and relocate to Murrayfield. There were a wide range of comments...

A general view of Hampden Park. Fans were divided over the Scottish FA's decision to stay at the national stadium. Picture: SNS Group

Paul Wilson wrote: “Scottish football’s biggest problem isn’t Hampden nor Murrayfield. It’s paying £30+ on a horrible Monday night in September to watch a poor Scotland team play against a mediocre opponent.”

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Jimmy Bothwell tweeted: “Any stadium with a running track has limited appeal for football matches. Pointless waste of air between fans and the action. Murryfield no better. The best atmospheres in SPFL Celtic Park and Tynecastle. Build a new Hampden based on these.”

A general view of Hampden Park. Fans were divided over the Scottish FA's decision to stay at the national stadium. Picture: SNS Group

Robyn Frame said: “Having been to both Hampden and Murrayfield I think they’ve made a mistake with this one. Hampden isn’t fit for purpose. Going to Celtic Park for the Republic of Ireland game proved how much of a crap atmosphere Hampden creates.”

Robert Clark added: “Still think we should take games, like last night’s, on the road and save Hampden for the more box-office ties.”

@IDEdinburgh tweeted: “Queen’s Park aren’t winners. They’ve lost their main asset for an utter ripoff price PLUS all future revenue from Hampden events. Appalling day for Queen’s Park FC.”

William Knox suggested: “This is the most SFA thing the SFA have done. What a waste of everyone’s time and no doubt money. They were never going to leave Hampden. They just wanted to blackmail poor Queen’s Park into selling it. Zero money will be spent on Hampden now as well and we’re stuck with it.”

Steven Brand wrote: “I had no objections to Hampden or Murrayfield, [but] I want SFA to take the games which will clearly be poorly attended away from any of the big four stadiums. Also be good to see Scotland play around the country as the majority of fans are not based in the Greater Glasgow area.”

Ian McNaught said: “Fantastic news about Hampden Park - said no football fan ever. The access is awful, the expensive refurb carried out in 1999 was a disaster. Like the SFA, it’s no longer fit for purpose. As usual no consideration given to the paying public, no wonder they can’t fill it!”

Wade Garrett backed the decision: “Correct decision, as anyone who has attended the biggest games this century will testify (particularly France and Italy in 2008 qualifying). Now, if only we could get Saturday afternoon competitive Hampden Internationals back...”

Craig Smith added: “The Murrayfield stuff was clearly never more than a negotiating tactic to get a better deal from Queen’s Park, but even so, this is depressing news. Expect more sub-20k attendances at Hampden in the future.”

Michael Warburton wrote: “Hampden is a terrible football stadium. Going to require a lot of work and money if it’s to be brought up to the required standard of a modern football stadium. Good luck to the Scottish FA if they are willing to do it.”

Tom Dearie added: “It may not be perfect and it needs redevelopment to turn it into the modern stadium we can all be proud of, but it’s home - it’s our home. Personally, I couldn’t be happier Scottish FA are staying at Hampden Park.”

Scott Johnston tweeted: “They have got to redevelop Hampden, it’s miles away from the pitch - especially behind the goals. When there’s only 20,000 in it, it seems soulless.”

Martin Vickers opined: “Always felt Scotland doesn’t really need 4 ‘national stadium’ style stadia, which with Hampden, Ibrox, Celtic Park and Murrayfield, is what it has. Still, I CAN understand the temptation for SFA to finally ‘own’ the asset. Best recent use, though, was as an athletics track!”

Craig Anderson said: “Pleased to see that Queen’s Park will be able to play at Lesser Hampden - I think with a bit of work that could be a cracking little ground.”

Former Scotland international Michael Stewart suggested: “Hampden needs redeveloped. It isn’t fit for purpose. First we need to do a ‘Stuttgart’ by moving ends in then BC Place Vancouver top tier black outs curtains. Better atmosphere and better, more appropriate capacity use of the stadium. Now all we need is the SFA to find funding.”

Ex-Rangers player and former Dundee and St Mirren boss Alex Rae added: “Common sense prevails with Hampden Park remaining the national home of Scottish football.”