Dundee fans slam new city Monopoly board which values Dens Park £20 lower than Tannadice

DUNDEE fans plan to boycott a new version of Monopoly specifically designed for the city because the Tannadice home of their rivals Dundee United is valued at £20 more.

• Board makes say decision to value Tannadice higher was made on the “roll of a dice”

• Tannadice and Dens Park will features side by side on the board

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• Popular Dundee personalities including presenter Lorraine Kelly and Desperate Dan will also feature in the game

The City of Discovery is the latest Scottish city to be given its own version of monopoly with players able to purchase Dundee City Cambers and the 19th century Verdant Works which houses Scotland’s jute museum.

The city’s two senior football clubs, Dundee and Dundee United FC, also feature side by side - as they do in real life.

However Dundee supporter’s groups have expressed their displeasure after Dundee’s ground Den’s Park was priced at £140 while Tannadice will cost players £160.

Dundee fans said the makers could have scored an own goal.


Dundee fan Chris Campbell, 53, who runs the Billy Steele Supporters’ Club, said: “Many would argue Dundee is still the bigger club, but if the makers want to sell this game in Dundee the two grounds should have been valued the same.

“For many it’ll be a bit of banter, but some fans will take the huff and may refuse to buy it.

“They wouldn’t have done this in Glasgow.”

Billy Douglas, 20, of the Dundee Student Dark Blues supporters’ Club, added: “Dens is obviously the better ground.

“But it will be amazing to buy up Tannadice and start building houses and hotels on it. We’d love to do that in real life.”

But United fan Billy Hoon, 30, said: “They’ve got it spot on in my opinion. Dundee fans won’t be too happy but if you look at the two stadiums then Tannadice is the better ground.

“I’m sure this game will be very popular with United fans.”

Winning Moves UK, manufacturers of the official Dundee version, said the decision to place Tannadice higher up the board was made by a “roll of the dice”.

Mark Hauser, Commercial Director, said: “We have never done this before. It’s a first. Both clubs are equally loved, that came across loud and clear in the public voting.”


Dundonians were invited to vote for property landmarks to swap places with the famous London sites on the board, and cast more than 6000 votes.

The two football clubs will be on pink squares traditionally occupied by Pall Mall, Whitehall and Northumberland Avenue.

Popular Dundee characters will also feature, with TV presenter Lorraine Kelly and Desperate Dan both in the game.

The board will launch on October 17 when the Lord Provost of Dundee will roll the first dice at the new “Mayfair”.

A spokesman said: “The board be a celebration of Dundee. The city is blessed with so many jewels.

“The voting caught the imagination of Dundee and all of Scotland, and surpassed our wildest expectations.”

Dundee is the fifth Scottish place to be given its own official Monopoly version, after Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Highlands and Islands.

The city was chosen over ten other towns and cities, including Perth and Stirling, to be awarded its own edition of the best-selling board game.

Monopoly, which tests players’ financial acumen and property dealing skills, was first introduced in 1935.