SFA praised for stance on bigotry

UEFA is set to use Scotland as the template for combating sectarianism across Europe.

The European governing body has been impressed with initiatives implemented by the Old Firm and the Scottish Football Association after fining the Ibrox club for discriminatory chanting earlier this year.

UEFA director of communications William Gaillard said: "We are convinced Scotland is one of the countries that is doing some of the more interesting efforts in fighting racism and other kinds of discrimination. We came to talk to the clubs and the SFA to understand the reason for the success they have been having, and to transfer that experience to other areas of Europe where the football family has been less successful in stamping out racism or discrimination.

"The impression I am getting is probably the problem today is not as bad as it was a decade ago, and the efforts have been crowned with success in many areas. What is left of it is still probably more of a Glasgow problem than it is a problem in Edinburgh or anywhere else in the country. Racism doesn't seem to be a big issue in this country.

"Education and prevention is what we are really looking at and Scotland is a great example of somewhere where that has done a tremendous amount in practically eradicating the worst features of discrimination."