Foundation of Hearts pledges ‘democratic’ takeover

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THE Foundation of Hearts has confirmed further details of their plans to lead a supporters’ takeover at Tynecastle. Most importantly, as outlined in The Scotsman on Saturday, the group have made it clear that they will function along democratic lines.

Everyone who becomes a member of the Foundation, by making a monthly pledge to help finance the club, will have a vote when it comes to the election of directors. No-one, no matter how much money they pledge, will have more than one vote.

The aim is to turn the Foundation into a body which truly represents the vast majority of Hearts fans. If and when a buy-out of Hearts is achieved, a nine-person Foundation board would be responsible for employing key personnel at the football club.

The board, under an independent chairperson, would include four fans’ representatives and four others with suitable business expertise. The Foundation say there is “no presumption” that their own leading members would be chosen for those latter posts – and no board members would be paid for their involvement.

“What we are proposing is, we believe, straightforward, democratic and transparent,” Foundation chairman Alex Mackie said. “For us, the focus is on what is best for the club and its future, not about having the Foundation’s plans adopted wholesale in preference to any other schemes that may be presented.

“We believe that an initial three-year period will be required to stabilise the club. This will be a very challenging time, and we are therefore proposing a board of directors comprising four directly-elected fans’ representatives, plus four directors with specific skills whose expertise will be used to complement the fans’ representatives’ skills and ensure efficient management of the club.

“There is no presumption that these latter directors will come from the group which is currently leading the Foundation’s work.”