Celtic fans backed by Ajax Ultras over clashes

Five Celtic fans were convicted over the clashes with police in Amsterdam. Picture: Jane Barlow
Five Celtic fans were convicted over the clashes with police in Amsterdam. Picture: Jane Barlow
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AJAX fans have left a message in support of Celtic fans at the site of clashes before this month’s Champions League game between the sides in Amsterdam.

Five Celtic fans were convicted last week of violence and disorder offences and given sentences of between one month and two months imprisonment.

The note of support, signed by the ‘VAK410 Ultras’ group and entitled ‘The Pole of Justice’, criticises the police for using heavy-handed tactics. It begins: “You thought you’d get away with this, didn’t you? Launching an attack together with your colleagues of the riot police and the undercover cops, the so called Romeos. What an easy opportunity for you to arrest some Celtic ‘hooligans’.

“Meanwhile you could easily beat up some defenceless people and knee them countless times. Just so you could let off some steam.”

The note then details one of the main flashpoints from the evening, in which a plain clothes police officer was caught on video running headfirst into a lamppost.

It reads: “You and your colleagues were attacked by a group of Celts who had kept an eye on you while you misbehaved. You tried to run away but got caught off by a tram, lost your colleagues, looked back, accelerated and BAM, there it was: The Pole of Justice.

“There you were, lying on the ground after a proper knockdown by the pole of justice. To add some icing on the cake: while you were lying down quite defenceless you were kicked a couple of times. Just like a few minutes ago, only this time you were the defenceless victim.”

The Ultras end their note by claiming that clashes with Celtic fans were symptomatic of a “battle against excessive police force”.

Padraig Mullan, 28, from Belfast, and Damian Dobbin, 23, from Hamilton, were sentenced to two months in jail for their roles in the disorder. Tam Kennedy, 30, from Lanarkshire, and Andy Vance, 21, from Blantyre, each received six weeks and Joseph McPherson, 20, from Glasgow, was sentenced to one month. They have all been released pending an appeal.