BT admit ‘adjusting settings’ to turn down Celtic fans’ IRA chants

Pro-IRA chants could be heard during Celtic's 4-1 defeat of Hamilton Academical. Picture: SNS/Rob Casey
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BT Sport has admitted adjusting the volume during Celtic’s 4-1 win over Hamilton Academical to quieten pro-IRA chants by fans.

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Merry Ploughboy could be heard from the away support at the SuperSeal Stadium on Friday evening with a noticeable drop in volume for those watching at home, prompting viewers to take to social media to query the sound change.

The Irish folk song includes lyrics about going off to join the IRA.

The broadcaster confirmed the decision to “adjust microphone settings” so viewers would not be offended.

A spokesman said: “Inappropriate behaviour by fans at live sporting events has potential to cause offence.

“We try to prevent this across all live broadcasts by, for example, adjusting microphone settings.”

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