Best Twitter reactions as Celtic thump Rangers to win league title

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Once again Celtic are Ladbrokes Premiership champions and once again they were able to humiliate rivals Rangers in an Old Firm derby.

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After every clash between the two Glasgow giants there is an influx of posts on, but when it’s a five-star, league title clincher the outpouring of emotion in 280 characters is ramped up tenfold. Here are the pick of the bunch...


@lisamiller781: I will never tire of days like this. I will never tire of seeing us win. I will never tire of us securing another league title or a cup. I will never take it for granted. I will relish every magnificent second. These are the days my friends. WE’RE GLASGOW CELTIC.

@Kimsunray58Gill: HH the Bhoys! Congratulations on your Magnificent 7! So very proud of you all, you’re brilliant! Wish my late hubby was here, he’d love this bless him. What a win, what a day! HH!

Celitc manager Brendan Rodgers appeals as Rangers boss Graeme Murty looks on. Picture: SNS

Celitc manager Brendan Rodgers appeals as Rangers boss Graeme Murty looks on. Picture: SNS

@RoscoeCo: Next time we play Rangers, could you sell tickets for the away end for the second half? Maybe tenner a ticket. Great idea for more Celts to see the Hoops.

@DanTheManMax: What a great game to be at, poor hurting Gers left early, and left their tea towels too, thought that stand in keeper said he was stopping the title party, small words from a wee man, champions again, a joy to be part of it.

@Barcabhoy1: Remember when we were told how good Rangers January window was? Turns out it was nearly as big a waste of money as the summer window.


@alirv5: Dave King should take some blame. Murty should also be blamed. The players should be blamed too. But people should never forget who is ultimately to blame for Rangers being in this position today. David Murray. I will never forgive what you did to my club.

@cccammy1: We can all agree, Rangers not having a manager for a season was nothing short of disgraceful. Thanks Dave King - you have completely humiliated our great club.

@davidjohnston54: ‘But he’s a boyhood rangers fan.’ Any Rangers fan in that team today would have showed desire, passion and fight. What I seen on the pitch today was spineless, useless and talentless individuals. 2 OF’s we’ve seen the exact same performance. Embarrassing. We deserve better.

@JeffH1960: I genuinely don’t think anyone at Ibrox realises the sacrifices Rangers fans make week in, week out to support the team. Everyone has a story. What we are getting in return from the players etc isn’t good enough. Our loyalty is constantly taken for granted.

@CemetryGates89: Rangers have now conceded more goals against Celtic in the last two seasons than we did in all Old Firm games combined under Walter Smith in the 90s.

@ewanmcqueen_91: My Uncle, a Rangers fan since the 60s just informed me he didn’t watch today. The first time he has ever missed a derby day game. That’s where the club are heading if we don’t get this sorted asap.


@mstewart_23: Who is actually making the decision at Rangers to not speak to any media? Can’t imagine it’s Murty or any board members. Perfectly illustrates how the club is desperately lacking real leadership

@BBCTomEnglish: Celtic ragdolled Rangers today. A vast humiliation. I feel sorry for Graeme Murty. He’s getting dog’s abuse. The fault lies well above his head.

@McGregorDerek: Rangers gutless off the park too. No manager or player prepared/allowed to come up to face the media.

@mrjakehumphrey: Well done Brendan. Well done Celtic. I imagine Steven Gerrard was watching that Rangers mess, and instead of being daunted, realising how much better he can make them...

@NeilCameron5: I am counting the hours before a Club statement.


@WingsScotland: The good news for Rangers* today is that they’ve got a real chance of finishing 4th and avoiding another European humiliation.


@Oldfirmfacts1: Steve Clarke proves his suitabiity for the Rangers job by conceding 5 to a team in green and white

@20MinuteTims: Spare a thought for our fallen brothers - the away end seats and toilets. Their sacrifice will not be forgotten.

@BarcaJim: Announce Rangers TV commentary

@harygamilton: Stevie Gerrard: “Dear Clarks, Cancel my order for them brown brogues lad.”

@Oldfirmfacts1: This jaw-droppingly p*** Rangers side almost unrecognisable from the side that was just very p*** two weeks ago

@R0ryyyW: Can we just take a moment to appreciate that it’s the Rangers POTY awards tonight?

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