Hodgson reveals painful memories

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ROY Hodgson has revealed Fabrice Muamba’s collapse brought back memories of when one his own players suffered cardiac arrest on the pitch.

The West Brom head coach was in charge of FC Copenhagen when midfielder Stale Solbakken, then aged 33, collapsed during a training session. Hodgson said the Norwegian international was pronounced “clinically dead” but eventually made a full recovery although it marked the end of his career.

Hodgson said: “When I was at FC Copenhagen, exactly the same thing happened as with Muamba. His heart stopped, he was clinically dead for a period of time. It happened on the training ground and we feared the worst when he left the training ground.

“I remember how relieved and happy we all were when Stale woke up and started talking and the doctors told us there was no brain damage and he would be fit again.” I am pleased to say Stale completely recovered 100 per cent and has gone on to be a very successful coach and I only hope it is the same with Fabrice.”