Clubs to veto fifth tier over Celtic and Rangers ‘colt’ promotion plan

Top-flight colts teams already play in the Irn-Bru Cup. Picture: SNS
Top-flight colts teams already play in the Irn-Bru Cup. Picture: SNS
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Championship clubs could scupper plans for the introduction of a fifth division after being told Rangers and Celtic “colt” teams would be allowed to be promoted as far as the second tier.

The Scottish Professional Football League competitions executive held a meeting with League 1 and League 2 clubs in December to discuss a proposal to create SPFL League 3, which would be made up of the colts teams as well as clubs from the Lowland and Highland leagues.

No formal plan was put to the clubs, and a further meeting is planned for later this month. However, details provided to Championship clubs have not won favour as there has been no cap placed on potential promotion until the young sides of the Glasgow giants reach the second level of Scottish football, the Championship.

Despite any launch being 18 months away, the plan to allow colt teams to be promoted three levels has caused alarm at a number of Championship clubs who would be left fearing for their own survival in the second tier.

One club director said: “Championship clubs had not been paying too much attention to the proposal until details of the lack of a promotion cap were leaked. That has not gone done well and they now want involved in the talks.”