'We're the biggest club in this country so start acting like it', 'I sent a stronger worded statement to the council about a street lamp' - Celtic fans respond to clubs' SFA statement over Ryan Christie ban

Celtic fans had their say after the club released a statement hitting out at the Scottish FA over Ryan Christie's three-match ban for grabbing Alfredo Morelos' genitals in the recent Old Firm match.

@LK95_: "This is good but this is isn’t Andraz Sporar."

@JPFlawless82: "I sent a stronger worded statement to the council about a street lamp that isn't working last week"

@KingEddyCSC: "Statement FC is BACK BABY"

Celtic fans had their say on the club's statement regarding Ryan Christie's ban. Picture: SNS


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@SeanConnolly67: "Fairly tame. Stronger words were used when a flare was let off in the ground."

@cfcbenyu: "good, now announce a signing."

@judejoemac: "That really told them..."

@mag7rab: "I’m finished with @scottishFA I will be cancelling home cup ticket scheme with @CelticFC Will not be attending anymore domestic cup competition games. I’ve had season ticket for over 23 years attended all home games and most games at Hampden. Heard it all before."


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@Cockneyrebel78: "Offft calm down. That's really going to upset them."

@celticthrough: "Is that it??????? Lip service again!! Hopefully the fans grow a pair and hit the club where it hurts. Stop giving the SFA a chance to defend themselves, its already clear as day what their agenda is"

@FollowerCeltic: "Hardly a statement...as regards to the sfa no doubt the response no matter what it is will be treated the same way as res12 and swept under the carpet.Still no action regarding Morelos gestures either..cowards"

@LaineyDonnel: "Does there have to be a statement for every single thing? JFC."


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@DuncanTopping: "You better start standing up for our players and supporters Celtic, Your allowing they rats at Hampden to take the p**s out our club. We're the biggest club in this country so start acting like it."

@EstadioCeltic67: "Take the SFA to court! Or simply Celtic fan's boycott Hampden..."

@bhoy100: "Need to get tougher than this, statements need to be backed up with actions..."

@Seanmac1407: "Embarrassing statement that, remember YOU wanted them alive, now this is what you get, operation stop 9 is in absolutely full force and yet again our joke of a board are a sleep at the wheel, bring back wee Fergus, he would tear them all apart"


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@DancingBhoy: "Typical weak lip service response. The only way to deal with the SFA playing Finnegan’s rules is to escalate above them. Build a case of their inconsistencies and go legal. Will you also make a statement on your Res12 progress and get it done. No complacency"

@gripnrip: "Nothing will happen, nothing will change. These statements are pointless. The board has already accepted and condoned cheating on an industrial scale so cannot complain anyway. Its the fans who lose out again though..."

@parko1967: "Dear Celtic, I have had it with football governance in this country. Two similar incidents and only one clubs player is punished. Releasing a statement to appear to be doing something isn't good enough. This will eventually blow over. This will be my last season I'm done."

@Mibbeesayes: "Here's a statement. "We have been cheated by the SFA once again but there is nothing we can do as we are a 2nd class club with 2nd class fans therefore we just have to accept the favouritism towards the Establishments new club"."


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@1888_Originals: "That is so weak and cowardly you would have been as well saying nothing. You better start getting vocal on these things or expect a backlash from us fans (or as you prefer 'customers') who have been paying thousands every year to support our team. You dont deserve our support."

@coupon_eddie: "A bit mealy mouthed. Withdraw all Celtic players from international selection. Will be of benefit to Celtic"

@EFFanning: "Why Scottish football is as crooked as hell, run by the funny handshake brigade. This happened in reverse last year and no action was taken."