Tony Watt claims Lierse coach ‘doesn’t like him’

TONY Watt is facing an early return to Celtic from Lierse after launching a scathing attack on the Belgian club’s boss.

Tony Watt: Faces early Celtic return. Picture: Robert Perry
Tony Watt: Faces early Celtic return. Picture: Robert Perry

The Celtic striker has spent a successful season on loan to the Jupiler League side, scoring nine goals in 18 games. But Watt, 20, has now vented his anger at coach Stanley Menzo after claiming he has been unfairly made a scapegoat.

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“They don’t know how to deal with me at Lierse,” complained Watt. “Whenever we lose I get the blame, and they always say I do things wrong. At Ostend last month I just played for 20 minutes, yet Menzo blamed me. I can’t score goals if I am sitting on the bench. Menzo has two sets of rules. But you can’t have different rules for different players. He clearly doesn’t like me.

“I was disappointed not to start that game. It is the coach’s decision and I have to respect it, even though I don’t agree with it.”

Dutchman Menzo has clashed with Watt after criticising his attitude in training. But Watt maintained: “I’ve no problem with training, even though I am not always the best player during the sessions. I haven’t yet reached my best level in Belgium. I need to play 15 games in a row to reach my top form – and if I don’t play I’ll just get fat.”