Neil Lennon ‘set to return to Twitter’

CELTIC manager Neil Lennon has admitted that he plans to return to social networking site Twitter after a four-month hiatus.

Celtic manager Neil Lennon. Picture: SNS
Celtic manager Neil Lennon. Picture: SNS

In an interview with the website of world football governing body FIFA, Lennon said: “I think I’m going to go back on Twitter. They’ve asked me to come back and I think I probably will because I did enjoy it.

“The problem was that it started taking up too much of my time.”

Lennon, who became embroiled in a number of online altercations with fans and players during his time on Twitter, has backed his squad to make use of the social network.

Lennon said: “I certainly don’t have a problem with the players going on and engaging in that type of thing.

“What’s made very clear, though, is that there’s a line they cannot cross. They know where that line is.”

Lennon, who had over 150,000 Twitter followers before leaving the social network in December last year, hit out at the tone of some of the online criticism of footballers and managers. He said: “What I don’t like, say with the criticism of (Manchester United manager) David Moyes recently, is the type of criticism that comes from it – almost trying to humiliate the man.

“I find that very crass and unfortunately it seems to go with the territory these days.

“Constructive criticism you expect but the poisonous stuff – and I’ve had it myself – leaves a bitter taste.”

If Lennon does return it will be under a new name, as his previous Twitter handle - @OfficialNeil - has since been taken by another user.