'So far out his depth we could potentially lose 9-in-a-row': Celtic fans react to tough week for Parkhead club

After a tremendous start to the league season with 12 goals scored in just two games, Celtic have hit their first road bump of the season this last week, crashing out of the Champions League with a 4-3 home defeat by Cluj before requiring extra-time to see off Championship side Dunfermline Athletic in the Betfred Cup.

Neil Lennon talks to his Celtic players after the 2-1 extra-time win over Dunfermline Athletic.

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@JamesVonDoom: "I’m not as anti-Lennon as some but I happy to admit he came with fears he would be a step backwards and by going out to Cluj and by that performance against Dundee - He’s beginning to look like a step backwards."

Neil Lennon talks to his Celtic players after the 2-1 extra-time win over Dunfermline Athletic.

@Killa_Bhoy: "Before we get 10 we need 9. Under Lennon we have looked as poor as we did under Rodgers last 1/2 a season.

If we as fans can see where the team needs improving, why can’t the man tasked with selecting the team see it? His decisions are baffling at times, more times than not too!"

@Migano2000: "Lennon came up against Rangers - without them going bust - once and lost. He then spent a few seasons up against absolutely nothing."

@StMiley: "I support Celtic regardless of manager or form. Wanting the best for the club is what every fan should want. Denying there are issues because you love Lennon is not helpful, and does NOT make you a bigger fan or a real fan!"

@GoodieBhoy: "Lennon picks the team, his selections and substitutions are odd at times, Sinclair not quoted for one ? Lennon style of man management is out dated as his stint at Hibs proved, Ntcham playing with a view to sell."

@EEBhoy88: "I love Neil Lennon, the man. Neil Lennon the manager is a dinosaur, and so far out his depth we could potentially lose 9-in-a-row because of him and Lawwell. If he comes good (and I pray to God he does) I'll be the first one on here admitting I know nothing."


@Bigirishcelt: "I think he's been given the job to get us 10 in a row. I don't know if that means improving in Europe or not. Lennon has better record in Europe than Rodgers I'd say."

@PaulMcG1994: "To suggest any fan doesn't want the best for the club because they want Lennon to stay is complete idiocy."

@PaulMcG1994: "Lennon has a better win percentage than Rodgers in the 250 games he's been in charge for with 81 games more than Rodgers had. Form is better this season too. Had already been put out by Athens and lost to Hearts by this point last year

@declan_leonard: "Lennon isn't getting sacked over losing 1 game (regardless of the game in question) so give it a f***ing bye. We started poorly last season as well yet didnt finish too badly off."

@Angry_Dad__: "I'd argue thst Lennon had more of a challenge than BR over the years, least Lennon had a challenge from across the city. Rodgers had them as cannon fodder."

@AidoMcM67: "Hopefully we've all gotten our frustrations out over the last few days, it hasn't been a good week but it was all going so well beforehand, there's no reason why we can't get back to that, we need to back Lennon and the team to the hilt now, massive 2 weeks ahead."