‘Unforgivable’: Celtic fans react to Brendan Rodgers’ impending departure

Brendan Rodgers looks to be on his way out as Celtic manager. Picture: John Devlin
Brendan Rodgers looks to be on his way out as Celtic manager. Picture: John Devlin
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It looks increasingly likely that Brendan Rodgers will quit Celtic to become the next manager of Leicester City. Here’s how Celtic fans have reacted to the news on social media.

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@bigtuna14: No man is bigger than the club. Brendan Rodgers walking away at this point is unforgivable.

@fat_jint: If he loans us the good Leicester YT and buys Ryan Kent strictly for a laugh I’ll let him aff.

@jam_masterj21: Been embarrassed in Europe. Time for a change.

@SM1967_: Stop trying to blame Lawwell and the board for Rodgers leaving mid-season. Mid-season, not end of the season. Just as well Rodgers isn’t black and French because what he has done is far, far, far worse than what Moussa Dembele did, who is probably p*****g himself at this irony

@FritzAGrandAuld: *Brendan Rodgers holds a Leicester City scarf above his head wearing a t-shirt saying “I’ve joined Leicester City”* A Celtic fan: I don’t believe this, media lies, trying to unsettle us before Tynecastle.

@BenTheTim: It’s Lawwell’s fault he’s leaving. It’s Rodgers’ fault that he’s leaving now.

@sweetirishf: Actually f*****g angry at this whole Rodgers thing. Who the f*** leaves in the middle of a season & who the f*** leaves to go to a one season wonder club. Could have been a Celtic legend instead he’s left us feeling like he’s a snake & I never thought I’d say that about him.

@Ryankennedy87: Gutted to see brendan Rodgers go. He has gave us everything we wanted and more since he walked through the door. All the best to him at Leicester and let’s get behind whoever comes in and make it another treble

@oranstorrie99: Say goodbye to Bren10 Rodgers - it’s time for Neil Tennon to step in

@Celtic1888News: There’s bad timing then there’s chucking it with 11 games to go in the middle of a title race. Definitely puts a dampener on Rodgers time here, still holding on to the hope that it’s only rumours.

@FraserC05629947: I’m sorry, don’t care what he has achieved, any supposed “Celtic fan” who would quit on the verge of 10IAR to join a soulless mid-table English side can get so far to f*** honestly...

@Stevo_Paisley: See if Rodgers leaves at this stage of the season I’ll lose all respect for him he told us on many occasions he’d see out his contract with us