Fans react to Brendan Rodgers’ comments about Celtic’s ambition

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After losing out on the transfer of John McGinn, Celtic boss Brendan Rodgers warned that he’ll quit the club if he feels he’s taken them as far as he can go.

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Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers. Picture: Getty

Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers. Picture: Getty

As expected, this frank admission caused a burst of activity on social media with fans clambering to give their take on his words.

We’ve collated some of the most notable responses...

@JordanJMcBride: “Brendan Rodgers needs to remember what he’s had already in the past 3 months, million pound pitch he requested, transfer record broken, Rogic and Ajer on 5 year contracts.”

@TheNotoriousCSC: “Any tims trying to blame the media for spinning Rodgers’ comments are an embarrassment. His comments are there in black & white. He’s not happy & the board are short changing him if u cant see that your f****** blind.”

@ThePundit_: “People questioning the success of signings now since Rodgers came in. Unbelievable! Dembele, Edouard and Ntcham alone are greater quality than we could ever have hoped to have had before BR came in the door. Find the negative, ignore the positive type attitudes!”

@StPatsday1956: “I believe Brendan Rodgers was born to be manager of Celtic Football Club. He is the best manager we could wish for. The board know this and should be supporting him to the hilt, anything less is unacceptable.”

@NotoriousJOS: “Rodgers in not working well with transfer team shocker.”

@missceltic87: “’Rodgers out’ is embarrassing! Media circus at it again with the result they wanted, fans up in arms and arguing...keep the faith, back Brendan and the team and look forward to 8 in a row.”

@lastditchtackle: “Not once did Brendan Rodgers issue an ultimatum. Not once did Brendan Rodgers say he would quit if he didn’t get his way. But don’t let that get in the way of a good story about unrest within the Celtic camp over one transfer.”

@CelticNation67: “The Scottish media have done enough today alone to warrant an indefinite ban from Celtic park. Brendan Rodgers has been totally taken out of context. What a bunch of sad, jealous, meddling p****s. Lying scheming b******s.”

@H**believables: “Man Utd set to sack Mourhino this afternoon and Brendan Rodgers is already travelling for talks!! Well everybody else is making f****** s***e up, its ma turn!”

@TheStaunchest: “If Brendan Rodgers does leave I’d like to thank him for being a breath of fresh air to Scottish football and look forward to meeting him while stopped in traffic under the Clyde Tunnel. Said no one. Ever.”

@jackmcintyre67: “Rodgers is saying stuff he’s always said.”

@offendedbrendan: “Remember that time Rodgers fell out with his board, Rangers pumped Maribor in Europe and the same day made £2m profit by selling a player who didn’t know an omelette was made from eggs. Happy days.”

@johnnyboy_1974: “I wouldn’t blame Brendan Rodgers to walk away from Celtic if he is not backed by the board!!! U have to strengthen your team year after year to make progress!!! He is the best thing that’s happened to Celtic for a long time. Celtic simply must not stand still and get complacent!”

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