Celtic fans react to new ‘bold’ third kit for 2018/19 season

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Celtic have released a new third kit for the 2018/19 season and it’s safe to say fans are somewhat divided.

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Some have praised the club for continuing to stand out from the crowd, though others have recoiled at the unusual pattern and colour selection.

Here is a section of the most significant reactions from fans after the strips were unveiled early on Friday.


@yahmpy: “I’m old enough to remember my TV making that pattern when the attena wasn’t getting a signal.”

Mikael Lustig sports the kit in the club's promotional video. Picture: Celtic TV

Mikael Lustig sports the kit in the club's promotional video. Picture: Celtic TV

DanMcFarlane9: “so you’re saying this made it the whole way through the design process without one person not liking it?”

@AngryNYfan: “11 goalkeepers is a bold strategy.”

@_Lee67: “Okay now announce the real one.”

@jackboag1206: “It would be decent if it was actually yellow with the black like Dortmund not this weird dangled neon mess.”

@jhardest: “How would this shirt look with full black sleeves? Or with enough effort put into stitching the sleeve ends to avoid cheap-looking contrast thread? NB designs aren’t bad. They just need to ask themselves, How would Nike make this better?”

@gerontophile: “I love you, but oh for **** sake.”


@__DG7__: “Imagine not liking this top.”

@MrMacFunn: “Just back from the stadium. Its actually the best of the 3. Not saying much as the others are terrible, but it’s actually very good.”

@kevbhoy25: “At last a strip we can wear against Hibs that’s not pink.”

@The_boy_Logan: “Unpopular opinion but I like this more than the 2nd (white) one.”

@1691Seamus: “Nice, very Dortmund like.”

@GordieMcGuire89: “This strip is beaut! We don’t do boring.”

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