Celtic’s eight in a row still special even without Rangers, says Paul McStay

Paul McStay wants to see Celtic win a quadruple treble. Picture: SNS.
Paul McStay wants to see Celtic win a quadruple treble. Picture: SNS.
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As a Celtic player, Paul McStay endured a period of Rangers domination that brought the Ibrox club nine straight titles. He respects those successes and, as a supporter now, maintains the same should be accorded his club for their present monopoly of trophies he just can’t get enough of.

That hasn’t been the case, with Rangers chairman Dave King stating that Celtic’s run of titles doesn’t count towards a ten since, having had to restart in the fourth tier following their 2012 liquidation, there was no Ibrox team in the top flight for four of Celtic’s championship wins.

McStay can’t fathom that argument. Equally he can’t fathom why there is so much discussion about the past, debates over how entitled the Celtic support seems to have become, and the fixation with achieving ten in a row.

The 54-year-old Celtic great confesses that the thought of his club doing the ten is at the back of his mind. He is the fan who doesn’t only want to see Celtic complete a historic treble treble in this afternoon’s Scottish Cup final against Hearts but then next season bank a quadruple treble. He won’t allow anything to spoil his enjoyment of this golden period for Celtic – and that includes churlish assessments by King.

“It is very difficult but I never read that comment,” said the 76-times capped Scotland international who now resides in Australia. “Basically Celtic deserve everything they’ve got no matter who’s in the league. They are worthy winners, it doesn’t matter who’s there. To me the players adapted to the environment they are in and the teams they are playing against. They gave their all from a professional point of view, mentally and from a technique point of view. They deserve to be where they are and nobody can say or do anything to take that away from them.

“I could never have thought any team could win a treble treble. It says everything about that group of boys that they can sustain that throughout all of that time.

“I have kids growing up with Celtic success and that’s all they know and long may that continue. As a Celtic fan you come through good times and bad times but you are always a Celtic fan. When things aren’t going so well you dig in to try to make things better again.

“But now that things are looking rather good you just want that to continue. For my kids and all of the young Celtic supporters who go to Celtic Park to watch the team, all you want is for that to continue season after season. Hopefully next season is another treble as well. They don’t need to keep being told about the past, when Rangers had a special team and won nine titles, because whether their club win or not, they’ll still be there to cheer them on.”