Best Twitter responses to England’s Euro 2016 exit to Iceland

England's defender Gary Cahill is comforted by a teammate after full time. Picture: AFP/Getty
England's defender Gary Cahill is comforted by a teammate after full time. Picture: AFP/Getty
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It’s not great being a Scottish football fan at this moment, and hasn’t been for some time.

However, regardless of our national team’s own ineptitude, we can always rely on our near neighbours to give us a right good laugh when the major international tournaments begin.

Last night England took that selflessness to new, side-splitting highs with a 2-1 defeat to Iceland in the last 16 of the European Championships.

Iceland, for those of you previously unaware, has a population of 323,000, which is akin to being defeated by North Lanarkshire.

As usual whenever anything momentous occurs, those on social media were quick to give their take on the drama.

Here are the top picks from thousands upon thousands of tweets...


@iamjohnoliver: “Well, England, you’ve had quite the week.”

@adambanksdotcom: “England team now feel they were misled about consequences of letting goals in, didn’t think other team would actually win.”

@englishcad: “England we are going to run out of things to exit from at this rate!”

@Pundamentalism: “On the plus side, last Tuesday I put a £100 bet on England to win tonight, so I’ve only lost the equivalent of £3.80.”

@VinayPatel: I’m glad we’re out of the EU because, without the safety regulations, burning my England shirt is gonna be a lot easier.”


@PhantomL5: “The best bit about the England debacle last night was that Roy clearly prepared a resignation speech pre-match. What an inspiration.”

@paddypower: “Who would have thought that it would end like this for a manager that gave England debuts to Steven Caulker, Leon Osman and Tom Cleverley.”

@bglendenning: “Gareth Southgate, Alan Pardew and Big Sam genuinely being touted as potential successors to Roy Hodgson. It genuinely beggars belief.”

@owen_g: “This discussion about whether Gareth Southgate should be the next England manager is even more depressing than the match.”


‏@Oldfirmfacts1: “Congratulations to England for finally finding a way to not get beaten on penalties.”

@GabbbarSingh: “Iceland which has a population of 3.3 Lakhs, knocked England out. That’s like being beaten by Dadar Railway station, Platform no. 2.”

@LADFLEG: “England’s players may have disgraced their country but at least their fans can hold their heads high having behaved impec.... oh, never mind.”

@FootballCliches: “Quite liked that Rashford managed to squeeze in a terrible set-piece, as if it’s some sort of secret initiation for all England players now.”

‏@kevverage: “This England team were good on paper - unfortunately the tournament was played on grass.”

@SHendry775: “At least none of the England players had a hair out of place.”


@danroan: “UEFA made it harder than ever for the big teams to fail. Should have known England would manage it. Sadly, it no longer comes as a surprise.”

@DiscoMirror: “Fact that only two England players stopped for interview shows their misplaced sense of arrogance. Should have been queuing up to apologise.”

@philmcnulty: “Still struggling to grasp just how bad that was from England last night - players and management. Iceland smarter, sharper, tougher, better.”

‏@IanDarke: “How can the richest league in the World produce an England team who are serial tournament flops? Something radical has to change.”

@StuBennett: “Threw my England shirt in the bin & walked home from the pub topless. Couldn’t face the possibility of further embarrassment. Cathartic.”

And finally, for those who missed it...


prodnose: Absolutely disgraceful, #England. You useless over paid, over indulged mollycoddled *****. You are beyond shame. Disgrace to working people.

prodnose: You ******* disgrace. You ******* disgrace. England footballers each and every one of you and your ******* manager are a ******* disgrace.

prodnose: You ******* awful craven humiliating disgrace. Go on you ****** pick up your PL wages you cheap *****. You worms. **** you.

prodnose: Nobody NOBODY should buy a single ticket to these empty ****** World `Cup qualifiers. Why? They are a **** taking disgrace. **** England.

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