Best Twitter responses to Celtic's loss to Lincoln Red Imps

It's no exaggeration to say Celtic suffered one of the single worst defeats in their history by losing to Lincoln Red Imps in Champions League qualification.

Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers has lost his first game in charge. Picture: SNS
Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers has lost his first game in charge. Picture: SNS

The champions of Gibraltar were placed at 451st (out of only 455) in the Uefa coefficient and were given precisely zero per cent chance of getting a result in Brendan Rodgers’ first match as Hoops boss.

Incredibly, the hosts managed to win the game and go to Celtic Park next week with a 1-0 advantage. Celtic will surely (SURELY) dish out a hammering on their own turf, but it doesn’t make it much easier for Celtic fans to take tonight as they deal with the wreckage of the defeat.

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The loss doesn’t exactly paint Scottish football in a good light, though that didn’t dissuade fans of other clubs indulging in some schadenfreude at Celtic’s expense.

Here’s a collection of tweets that sum up the defeat from every possible angle.

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Lincoln Red Imps 1 - 0 Celtic: Stunning upset in Rodgers' first match


@Kieran_Celtic: “Saving grace should be that Rodgers will now know who isn’t good enough for Celtic. And it’s a long, long list.”

Picture: Twitter

@Steakheed: “Worst ever. Worse than Clyde, Artmedia and ICT.”

@HoopedAssassin: “A glorified pre season friendly on a terrible pitch. Will be rectified next week. Everyone should calm down a bit.”

@JamesVonDoom: “Those players are an embarrassment. They’ve cost one manager his job. It’s the same names time after time.”


Picture: Twitter
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@NewcoTed: “Can we all just take a moment to acknowledge that Peter Lawwell trying to start a bidding war for Efe Ambrose last week was just sensational.”

@timomouse: “If we took Efe off and replaced him with an inanimate carbon rod, would we be a better team?”

@JamesNotThatOne: “No exaggeration to say that Ambrose is the worst player I’ve ever seen in a Celtic jersey.”

@SeanOg_1: “@Oldfirmfacts1 This is your fault I told you not to take the p*** out of Ambrose incase Leverkusen changed their mind and look what happened.”

Picture: Twitter


@Parksy327: “Scott Brown setting the pace and tempo for Celtic again this season I see - penny never drops.”

@ShaughanM: “At least we’re starting to narrow down the whereabouts of Scott Brown’s natural level. It’s somewhere below the Gibraltarian top tier.”

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@AwwwNawMate: “I’m going to write a blog about Scott Brown explaining why he is the worst captain in Celtic’s history, print it out & hand deliver it to him”

@IrishSeanO: “Pathetic from Scott Brown again there. He’s an embarrassment to the club now. Rodgers needs to man up & get rid of him.”


Picture: Twitter

@scottmcdermott8: “Said it when Celtic played EK in Scot Cup. Going with two anchor men in midfield against part-timers is ludicrous. Same story here. Dire...”

@RonnieEsplin: “Punters behind Brendan Rodgers chant ‘you’re getting sacked in the morning’”

@shinjukushug: “Without doubt, the most humiliating result in Celtic’s history.”

@sweirz: “#Celtic will qualify. But they’ve just lost to a team that sounds like a variety of potato or a rare breed of pig.”


@OnlyAnExcuse: “Lincoln Red Imps currently 1-0 up on Celtic in Gibraltar. The scorer - Lee Casciaro - is 34 and works as a policeman.

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@SGMilne: “Celtic losing to a team who used to play against passengers on P&O cruise ships during the summer season. Nice.”

@McBookie: “Lincoln Red Imps were 28/1 to win tonight. Must be close to being the worst result for any Scottish club in Europe.”

@BBCTomEnglish: “The Imps’ left-back was driving a taxi until 1pm today apparently. A colossal humiliation for Celtic.”


@SMTID: “Don’t worry lads, nothing to worry about. It’s all down to the state of the first early days pitch. Or something.”

@ibroxrocks: “On the plus side for Sellik fans, if Lincoln Red Imps directors celebrated that goal Desmond’s probably on the phone to Pep by now.”

@Ciaran_O: “Celtic at a disadvantage playing this early in the season. Some of Lincoln Imps’ players have done two shifts this week already.”

@meestah_sahmon: “That one star above the Celtic badge is the rating Efe Ambrose gets after every game.”

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@ByTheMinAFC: “Celtic paid actual money for Nadir Ciftci. Money you buy useful stuff like, I dunno, cake with.”

@SMcCue83: “An absolute embarrassment of a result tonight. Imagine only putting one goal past a defence containing Efe Ambrose.”

@paddypower: “Reckon the Celtic legal team will be working over time tonight to check if those pesky Red Imps fielded an ineligible player.”

@Buuuutcher: “Brendan Rodgers searching the whole house but still can’t find his 1 month warranty for Celtic.”

@Dennynews: “False alarm in Norway as police responding to reports of an escaped hyena discover it’s just Deila howling with laughter.”


Picture: Twitter
Picture: Twitter