Best tweets after Scotland's dismal draw with Lithuania

There are three certainties in this world: life, death and Scotland making a complete hash of trying to qualify for a major tournament.

Many tweets regarded Scotland boss Gordon Strachan. Picture: SNS

We’re only two games into the campaign and already beginning to doubt our chances of ending the 18-year run without an appearance at the World Cup, thanks to yesterday’s 1-1 draw with Lithuania.

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As expected, there was an outpouring of frustration on social media during and following the match. We’ve put together a selection of the best.


@mhendry92: Scotland far too slow on the build & too reliant on a long punt up the park that hasn’t looked like working yet.

@Nareystoepoker: Didn’t expect Lithuania to park the bus like this. Not surprised we’re struggling to break them down

@LAIRDY14: To think people spend their hard earned cash to watch Scotland, brutal stuff

Picture: Twitter

@Oldfirmfacts1: Davie Provan: “Scotland defence fell asleep”. They were probably watching the Scotland game

@MichaelGannon: Wee bit better from Scotland. Burke was getting a bit of joy down the right. So obviously he’s been switched to the other side...

@timomouse: Watched first half of Scotland. It was terrible. Why do I subject myself to it? Why?


Picture: Twitter

@jonnythegreek: Use the ball. Use it with intent. At speed. #Scotland are capable of that. Need more - much more - of it.

@Oldfirmfacts1: Scotland fans will be gutted when they wake up and see that scoreline

@marcmcardle1: Lithuania 1-0. Dearie me Scotland. Time to see what you’re made of. Get Griff on right now Gordon!

@MidasForTheGold: Burke was the only player who you felt could expose them by running with it. I’m done.

@RossMcCaff: I’ve seen defenders in the Scottish Championship so far who are better than Grant Hanley

@FitbaHacks: Thank Christ, but this is still a terrible result as it stands


@stufarquhar: It’s lucky that Gordon Strachan refuses to answer questions from fans because my question would be why the **** are you Scotland manager?

@Thefootyblognet: Our defence is terrible! Strachan suffering from same problems as Warburton. His changes are too predictable

@AllPtsNorth: I’ve been very supportive of Strachan, but he picked the wrong team and played the wrong way. Horrible.

@LAIRDY14: If the SFA had any bottle Strachan would now been gone, complete disaster he’s been. All about preparing for 2020 now that 2018 has gone

@DuncMcKay: Strachan doesn’t have the tactical nous for this job. That team didn’t have a structure nor a plan. There’s no excuses any more

@kennywastell: Strachan’s subs inexplicable too. Took off the two most dangerous players, ended lumping long balls forward. Awful. Unacceptable.


@DonaldsonESPN: Chris Martin’s lack of mobility means any out balls are played long and high to him, and are gobbled up. If only we had a mobile striker...

@ibroxrocks: Will never, ever understand how any manager could have the choice of Griffiths or Martin and plump for the latter.

@conorm11: Feel like Scotland are missing a bit of pace and movement off the shoulder of the defence, say, a Griffiths-esque player?

@nicolhay: I’d actually be pleased to see Leigh Griffiths at this stage. How and why are you doing this to me, Strachan?

@Oldfirmfacts1: With his team 1-0 down, Strachan curses fate for not giving him a Champions League striker who scored 40 goals last season

@CalumCrowe10: A housemartin would have done more damage tonight than Chris Martin. Utterly abysmal


@jambodarren: Perfect HT entertainment would be Romanov appearing on the centre circle, mic in hand, launching a tirade against everyone & everything.

@Oldfirmfacts1: 11 music snobs on the pitch doing everything in their power to avoid hearing Bits ‘n’ Pieces

@nicolhay: Grant Hanley looks like a car salesman who’s been on the Stella all night and has strong opinions about women.

@FitbaHacks; Loads of pundits completely misread the Malta game which turned on an appalling refereeing performance.

@SartoMutiny: You ******* Tartan Army ***** chanting his name in the Gibraltar game. This is on you

@meestah_sahmon: “Fabulous late goal”. That’s about as fabulous as making your own pants out of old Monster Munch packs.