Ally McCoist demands more respect from the media

McCoist expressly forbade questions about the share issue. Picture: Robert Perry
McCoist expressly forbade questions about the share issue. Picture: Robert Perry
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RANGERS manager Ally McCoist has asked for more respect from certain members of the Scottish media after a tense press conference at Ibrox on Friday morning.

The Rangers manager became visibly annoyed with two journalists who asked questions regarding Rangers’ latest share issue after McCoist had made it clear to the room that he would only discuss football matters.

He said: “Guys, before we start, I’m not going to be commenting on anything other than football matters this morning, thank you.”

The first question then concerned the share issue, with a journalist asking McCoist if he was worried about what was said in the statement.

McCoist jokingly knocked on his head before becoming more serious.

He said: “What did I just say to you? The first thing I just said is that I’ll only be commenting on football matters. Did you think I was lying? Do you want me to leave?”

At this point McCoist stood up, where upon the journalist said “No I don’t want you to leave”.

McCoist continued: “I’ve just told you, quite simply, that I will only talk to you about football matters. Now, I would like you to show me a bit of respect, and ask some football questions. Can you do that?”

Things soon settled down with only football questions posed to the Rangers boss ahead of his side’s match with Queen of the South at Ibrox on Saturday.

However, a second member of the media then tried his hand at bringing up the issue with McCoist.

He asked: “Ally, I respect what you said when you came in, and I don’t want to go into detail with you. Are you worried? Your reaction would suggest that you are worried about what was said... that the club, if it can’t get the money from the shareholders, might be in another difficult position. Are you concerned?”

McCoist took a breath before retorting: “I’m concerned that people like yourself not showing me any respect at all, that’s what concerns me.

“I do nothing other than show you guys respect. All I ask in return is a little bit back, and you’re not giving me it.

“I said to you when I walked in the room, again, that I’ll discuss footballing matters: football team, football results, Queen of the South game tomorrow. I greatly appreciate if you listen to that and stuck to it. Thank you.”

At this point the Rangers manager ended the press conference.