11 of Jose Mourinho’s most controversial moments

Love him or loathe him, the newly unemployed Jose Mourinho has been responsible for a number of ‘memorable’ moments. Here’s our pick of the bunch

Never a dull moment with Jose Mourinho, as our rundown of his most controversial moments shows. Picture: Getty

The Rude One

Poked Tito Vilanova in the eye during a Spanish Super Cup clash in 2011 and later claimed he didn’t know who ‘Pito Vilanova’ was - ‘pito’ being Spanish slang for a penis

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The Harsh One

No one could ever claim Mourinho didn't have an expressive face. Picture: AP

Publicly humiliated former Chelsea team doctor Eva Carneiro and club physio Jon Fearn, calling them ‘naive’ after they ran onto the pitch to treat an injured Eden Hazard

The Fugitive One

Mourinho was allegedly smuggled into the Chelsea dressing room in a laundry basket during a European clash with Bayern Munich, while he was serving a touchline ban

The Angry One

Chelsea win the 2014/15 League Cup and Mourinho celebrates in typically understated fashion. Picture: Getty

Suspended for one match and fined £50,000 for claiming after a 3-1 loss to Southampton that referees were afraid of giving big decisions in matches to Chelsea

The Antagonising One

Celebrated Steven Gerrard’s late own goal in the 2005 Carling Cup final by running along the touchline in front of the Liverpool fans making the ‘shush’ motion with his finger at this lips

The Naughty One

Slapped with a £75,000 fine for meeting Arsenal defender Ashley Cole without the consent of the club in 2005

The Angry One Part II

Hit with a one-match stadium ban and copped a £40,000 fine after barging into the referees’ room during the half-time interval of Chelsea’s loss to West Ham earlier this season

The Embarrassing One

Called Arsene Wenger a ‘specialist in failure’ in February 2014, with the Arsenal boss branding the comments ‘embarrassing’ to both Chelsea and Mourinho.

The Accusatory One

Hurled accusations at both Anders Frisk and Barcelona boss Frank Rijkaard claiming a half-time meeting between the pair during Chelsea’s 2004/05 Champions League clash with Barca had led to Blues forward Didier Drogba getting sent off. Mourinho was banned for two matches and fined £8,900; Chelsea were fined £50,000; Frisk retired after receiving death threats and UEFA refereeing chief Volker Roth branded Mourinho an ‘enemy of football.’

The Accusatory One Part II

Fined £5,000 for calling Manchester United players ‘cheats’ in 2005. A year earlier he had cantered down the touchline at Old Trafford as Porto surprised United in the Champions League.

The Medal-Throwing One

Lobbed his English Premier League winners’ medal into the Chelsea crowd, and when he was given another one by the FA, threw that to the supporters as well. Mourinho said that the ‘medal was for everybody’.