Fishing: Your Say

WE asked if the law should be relaxed so anglers can sell their catches to partly cover their expenses.

Davie Leitch, Musselburgh: "I don't think it should be illegal to sell on your fish. After all you are paying for a permit to catch them so as long as it is done commercially I don't see the harm."

Alan Connor, Piershill: "Is it not better selling fish or any unwanted fish to cover costs. It would save on any unwanted fish left lying at fisheries or tossed at any bins."

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Tommy Gilmour, Lochend: "From a personal point of view and as a pensioner I would like to see the law being relaxed to sell fish to shops or whatever. It is expensive enough and if I could recover some of the money it would be great. But I won't hold my breath in the meantime."

It has been some time since the introduction of float tubes, they are well established throughout the country. But are they safe and what law would you have passed to improve safety if any?