Fishing: I can't wait to get back to Millhall with my predator

I had a really cracking day on Millhall at Polmont with offers coming nearly every second cast.

It must have been one of those days that I could not put a foot wrong.

Anglers had been on the water from first light and, although one or two fish were moving there was quite a chill in the air so I opted to go a tad deeper than I normally fish.

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Perfect opportunity, I thought, to try out my new predator line, a floating line with a sinking head.

On the very first cast, I hit a fish which was to be my biggest of the day at more than 6lb.

The Millhall fish fight very well and don't give in easily.

Even when the swirling wind picked up the fish were always active. This was truly amazing as the water had not been stocked for some considerable time.

I moved off the dam wall and changed platforms every half hour or so to see if it made any difference.

It did not matter as I was getting offers all the time.

However, I must say that most of the fish were coming to mini Yellow Dancers and hot head Damsels. It could have just been one of those days but a local told me it had more or less been like that for several weeks.

Most of the fish I caught or hooked were roughly 3-6 feet sub surface but the odd one was taking as the lure hit the water.

With only a few weeks until Millhall closes for the winter, I will have to make a return visit, if only to build up my morale.

Remember to book first or arrive early as it can become busy for obvious reasons.