Fishing: Action promised as Morton makes a welcome return

It is always sad when a good fishery closes, for whatever reason, but there are moves afoot for Morton Fishery in Mid Calder to get back to its former glory as one of the best boat venues in the central belt.

Jonathan Swift of Markle Fisheries has taken over the reins and I feel sure he will make a real go of it.

I visited this week to find the work still in progress but a couple of boats were out and more importantly catching fish. Not being able to resist the temptation I set up a rod for a couple of casts myself and, within an hour or so, I had three fish and several good takes.

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A floating line with a single Damsel was enough to get the pulse going as I watched while several big bow waves honed in on the fly. White works really well as does olive but the dries are deadly when the conditions are right. Looking around the place as I was leaving, the fish were rising and anglers were in for a feast of action.

The water is gin clear but there are still signs of weed growth which the management are dealing with. I made the promise to myself to get back this week before the bookings start flying in. The lodge is a lmost completed and there is ample tackle on sale for even the keenest of anglers.

For bookings and information, until the landline is up and running, contact John on 07592 577 652 or Markle fisheries.