Desmond surprises Nicholas with call about club's future

CHARLIE Nicholas has had talks with Celtic owner Dermot Desmond.

The former Parkhead striker was startled to get a call from the club's majority shareholder – and thought someone was playing a joke on him. He said: "Everyone will be well aware my criticism of the Celtic hierarchy hasn't gone so well at the club after Neil Lennon had a pop at me at a press conference.

"But I am sure they will be interested to know I received a phone call from none other than Dermot Desmond.

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"Like anyone would, I thought it was a wind-up to begin with. However, after recalling a meeting between the two of us many years ago, I quickly realised it was, indeed, Dermot.

"What was said will remain private.

"I was surprised to hear from him and I am looking forward to seeing what he has in store for Celtic this summer.

"Major investment and big changes are required. Time will tell if they are delivered."

Nicholas added: "The biggest rebuilding job in my lifetime is required at Celtic.

Anyone who thinks my old club are just two or three players short is simply kidding themselves. In fact, I would say there are only two or three you would want to keep.

"So, it could be time for Dermot Desmond to really show what Celtic mean to him and how badly he wants the team to improve."