Dave King receives bizarre school query at Rangers AGM

Dave King was on the end of a bizarre query from a fan at the club's AGM regarding which school he attended.

Rangers Chairman Dave King was on the end of a bizarre school query at the club's AGM. Picture: Kirk O'Rourke/Rangers/PA Wire

The Rangers chairman was at the forefront of an eagerly anticipated meeting where the board answered questions ranging from the club’s next manager to Celtic’s seat allocation at Ibrox.

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However, the most unusual query regarded one fan providing a school report card of the club to King. The fan’s skit started with: “Like you, I’m from Castlemilk. I take it you went to Grange Secondary rather than St Margaret-Mary’s?”

The comment was picked up on social media to a mixture of hilarity and disbelief.

One person said: “Question at Rangers AGM. “What school did you go to?” 2017 Glasgow.” Another tweeted: “One of the questions at the Rangers AGM was enquiring as to the denomination of school that the chairman went to. That says it all”.