Colin Montgomerie disgusted by players spitting at US Open

Colin Montgomerie says he was disgusted to see so many players spitting at the US Open due partly to the use of chewing tobacco, especially among American players.

Brooks Koepka was one of the players cauught on camera spitting at Pebble Beach. Picture: AP.

Brooks Koepka was one of those captured disposing spit on Pebble Beach, having already been criticised by Sky Sports commentator Ewen Murray over a similar incident at the 2017 Open Championship at Royal Birkdale.

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“Oh, I hate that, I really hate it,” said Montgomerie. “I can see it happening when they chew that tobacco on a baseball pitch and spitting into the dirt, which is okay, but not on a golf course. Spitting is one of the worst human traits. It happens in American sport. It happens on the PGA Tour, it happens on the Champions Tour, it happens on the Tour. We (British people) don’t tend to spit the way others do. I would love for it to be stamped out, but it is ingrown in American society, really.”