Bryson DeChambeau: I’m almost put on the clock every week but I’m not slow

Bryson DeChambeau, golf’s man of the moment, is determined to press on with his scientific approach to the game despite admitting he is “almost put on the clock every week”.

Bryson DeChambeau's scientific approach to golf has led to criticism of his pace of play. Picture: Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images

The American was painfully slow at times as he won the Omega Dubai Desert Classic on Sunday - his fourth victory in just nine starts.

In a video posted by the European Tour, he took more than one minute 15 seconds to hit a shot at the 16th, having been unofficially timed taking one minute and 45 seconds over another one a couple of holes earlier. The permitted time is 45 seconds.

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“It’s actually quite impressive that we’re able to get all that stuff done in 45 seconds,” DeChambeau replied in answer to being asked by The Scotsman if he was comfortable with the time he can take working out all sorts of things, including air density. “People don’t realise that it’s very difficult to do everything we do in 45 seconds.”

Speaking as he prepared to tee up in this week’s Saudi International at Royal Greens Golf & Country Club in King Abdullah Economic City, the 25-year-old added: “I think that anybody that has an issue with it, I understand, but we’re playing for our livelihoods out here, and this is what we want to do.

“If we want to provide the best entertainment for you, it’s part of our process. It’s part of my process, at least.

“Some people don’t do what we do and they are successful. But they have got loads of experience that I haven’t really necessarily had, so I have to find another way to be just as consistent as them without the experience.

“So I have to kind of do that stuff initially, and down the road, it will keep getting quicker and quicker and quicker, because I’m certainly not a slow walker, I know that.

“But sometimes we get over it and yeah, we go through a process because there’s adjustments that we need to make.

“But shoot, if I’m a guy that’s out here 15 years and they have seen the golf course before and they know it plays more uphill or whatever, they are going to make an adjustment. “Look, when I’m just playing normal golf, back at home, I don’t do any of this, just because I want to have fun. And I certainly do have fun out here, I’m not saying that. But this is my job and I want to do it well.”

Asked when the last time he’d been put on the clock, he said: “Last week. It was the second or third round. I mean, shoot, we’re almost put on the clock every week.

“I’m used to it now. We try and speed up. Trust me, we do our due diligence to speed up and do our best. We’re not trying to slow anyone down. I’m not trying to slow anyone down.

“It’s just a part of the process and unfortunately the Rules of Golf allow for a certain amount of time, and we’re using it to our fullest potential.”