Bronze medal and revenge in Scots' curlers' sights

Scotland will play Sweden for bronze medals today at the CPT World Women's Curling Championship.

Scotland's Anna Sloan, left, and Sweden's Sara McManus sweep during their play-off at the Women's Curling World Championships. Picture: Getty Images

This follows their 5-8 defeat in the Page Play-off, also to Sweden, yesterday afternoon.

In a tight game, the Swedes made the first real breakthrough in the sixth end with the score at 3-2, when their skip Anna Hasselborg was able to hit out a Scottish stone to score two points from the end and take a 5-2 lead.

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In the seventh, Scotland’s skip Eve Muirhead drew her last stone into the house for two points that reduced Sweden’s lead to 5-4.

In the eighth, Sweden scored three points as Hasselborg added her final stone to the two Swedish stones already counting in the house. In the ninth end, Sweden’s Hasselborg played a double take-out which then forced Muirhead to score just one in the end, leaving Sweden with an 8-5 lead. Sweden then ran the Scots out of stones in the tenth end.

Afterwards, Muirhead said: “We’re disappointed. You don’t want to lose a play-off game, but Sweden were the stronger team. We battled hard but we gave her too many half-shots and we didn’t have many. We were always on that back foot and it was frustrating. We had chances but unfortunately we didn’t take them.”

She added: “We’ve just got to dust ourselves off and come out firing tomorrow. We’ve still got a chance for a medal.”

The gold medal final will be between Canada and Russia, who beat Sweden 9-3 in yesterday’s semi.