Beaumont set to reach half way round the world cycle target

Scots cyclist Mark Beaumont is expected to reach the half-way point tomorrow afternoon in his record-breaking attempt to cycle round the world in 80 days.

Mark Beaumont on his Around the World in 80 Days charity cycle challenge.

The ultra-endurance cyclist should get to the 9,000 mile mark around Melbourne after challenges such as injury and then falling from his bike and almost quit the attempt.

The marathon cycle attempt is to raise money for an educational charity and a humanitarian architectural charity.

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Commenting on the last couple of days riding, and approaching the half way point Beaumont said: “Cutting down towards Adelaide, I got absolutely battered by the winds. A massive storm blew in, the weather was absolutely wild. I was really fighting the bike and struggling to see the road at times. The rain was absolutely lashing down and I haven’t experienced conditions like that yet on the challenge.

“I’m really excited to be approaching the half way point, the challenge has been much tougher than I thought but I’m relieved to keep getting the miles under my belt.”

Beaumont’s performance manager, Laura Penhaul, a former Team GB physio, responsible for his health and well-being, managing his fatigue and planning nutrition.

“We are coming up to the half way point and it is very evident that the fatigue is setting in strongly. The last couple of days, Mark has struggled. I’ve started to need a few more tools in the bag to keep him awake. He is still safe on the bike but, we are trying to keep him alert using distractions such as cleaning his teeth and using cold wet towels and flannels,” Penhaul said.

“Over the last few days, maybe because of the increased darkness in the morning and the evening, he’s really started to struggle with his metabolism. He’s had some reflux and we are having to change his diet because that is going to impact on his fatigue and how he is feeling mood wise because he is feeling quite sick at times.”

Nine days into his round the world attempt, Mark fell from his bike and, as well as badly damaging his tooth, he sustained an elbow injury. While it is improving with treatment, it is not improving at a fast pace which, says Laura, confirms it is likely to be a hairline fracture.

Following his departure from Paris in July, the Beaumont has spent 16 hours each day on the bike (cycling 240 miles) and has travelled through more than ten countries to reach the half way stage of his 18,000-mile challenge during which he has consumed over 300,000 calories for energy.