Australian Open: Andy Murray vs Roger Federer - as it happened

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1146hrs: That brings our live blog to an end. Thanks for joining us. Full report to follow on in the next few minutes.

1144hrs: Raw emotion on display there from Murray but he spoke well. There was no clearl no disgrace in losing to Federer in that kind of form.

On reflection he will perhaps feel a more positive approach, as he showed in the quarter-final against Nadal, may have played dividends but Federer hit winners on serve, winners from the baseline, winners at the net and winners from all point north, south, east and west. On that form any player from any era would have struggled.

1143hrs: Federer: "Andy you played a great performance and you're too good a player not to win a grand slam so don't worry about it.

"I played some of the best tennis of my life in these last two weeks - you guys get the best out of me, so thank you."

Murray: "Congratulations to Roger... he was a lot better than me tonight so well done.

"Hopefully won time I can come back and win here. I've got great support back hom in the last couple of weeks. Sorry I couldn't do it for you tonight... (breaks down in tears]... I can cry like Roger it's just a shame I can't play like him!"

Murray, overcome with emotion, gives up the microphone.

1138hrs: Murray collects his runner up cheque to warm applause from the Melbourne crowd. It's been a disappointing end to a terrific tournament.

1131hrs: The players await the trophy presentation while the sponsors address the crowd. Federer, hands on hips and smile playing on his lips, looks like a man who has just completed a job well done.

Murray, arms folded, looks like a man who has just heard that his car has been clamped.


Murray nets a forehand and Federer welcomes his 16th grand slam title with a yelp of delight.

It was a muted Murray performance after the pyrotechnics of the Nadal and Cilic matches but he played as well as he was allowed to play. Federer was awesome, particularly in the first two sets.

Murray had his chances in the third set. He was serving for it at 5-2 and then had five set points in the tie break but he came up against the most successful player in men's tennis history at something near the top of his game.

TIE BREAK: 11-12 Federer. Federer wrongfoots Murray to bring up a third championship point.

TIE BREAK: 11-11. Murray nets his serve return.

TIE BREAK: 11-10 Murray. Federer nets a reply to a short Murray backhand and the Scot has a fifth set point.

TIE BREAK: 10-10. Incredible! Federer tries a drop shot. Murray sprints to the ball and sents a backhand down the line which lands just - just - in to square up the tie break.

TIE BREAK: 9-10 Federer. Federer comes to the net and his brilliant backhand stop volley earns Championship point #2.

TIE BREAK: 9-9. Murray's two-handed forehand lob drifts wide.

TIE BREAK: 9-8 Murray. Federer nets a limp backhand.

TIE BREAK: 8-8. Oh my word! A brilliant rally sees Murray come to the net and sent a volley deep into Federer's forehand side. The passing shot - for the tournament, mind - is literally inches wide. What a rally.

TIE BREAK: 7-8 Federer. Ace. Championship point.

TIE BREAK: 7-7. Murray volleys wide at the net after a bruising, gripping 23-shot rally. Another missed opportunity.

TIE BREAK: 7-6 Murray. Federer's forehand goes long. Set point Murray.

TIE BREAK: 6-6. Murray nets with the court begging! He came to the net on the back of two booming ground-strokes but tightened up with the point - and the set - beckoning.

TIE BREAK: 6-5 Murray. Federer pushes Murray outside the tramlines with two pounding forehands and then slams home an even wider forehand winner. Still Murray set point.

TIE BREAK: 6-4 Murray. Federer comes in on a long-ish forehand and can't get Murray's clipped forehand back across the net. Set point.

TIE BREAK: 5-4 Murray. Ace.

TIE BREAK: 4-4. Murray ends a rally with a forehand winner across the court.

TIE BREAK: 3-4 Federer. Murray's backhand drifts long. He has to make his next two serves count.

TIE BREAK: 3-3. Murray's service return goes long.

TIE BREAK: 3-2 Murray. A weak forehand by Murray drifts wide. Tie break is back on serve.

TIE BREAK: 3-1 Murray. Federer scrambles brilliantly to stay in the rally but a Murray forehand eventually forces Federer to go wide from outside the tramlines.

TIE BREAK: 2-1 Murray. Murray's return to Federer's backhand goes long.

TIE BREAK: 2-0 Murray. A long baseline rally ends when Federer pushes a forehand long.

TIE BREAK: 1-0 Murray. A booming ace.

• More misery for Andy Murray

Murray 6-6 Federer (2): A love hold for Federer and we are into a tie-break.

Murray 6-5 Federer (2): Murray clings on to his serve on the third deuce. Yet again Murray was pushed all the way by Federer - the Swiss's outrageous cross-court forehand winner on the first deuce was particularly brilliant - but he held on gamely and sealed the game with an ace.

Murray 5-5 Federer (2): Federer squares up the third set, holding to 30. The world number one has not hit the heights we saw in the first two sets but he has done enough in the last three games to chip away Murray's advantage.

Murray 5-4 Federer (2): Federer breaks back. Agony for Murray. The Scot saved a break point at 30-40 but an unforced error on deuce - netting a forehand - gave Federer a second break-back point, which he took.

Murray 5-3 Federer (2): Federer holds to love. An emphatic game from Federer; there was little opportunity for Murray to attack. Now, can Andy hold and win the third set?

Murray 5-2 Federer (2): Murray cements the break with a hold to 15. This is much better player from Murray. The change in tenor of this match was summed up in the game's opening point. A brutal exchange of rallies ended with a blistering Murray cross-court forehand from outside the tramlines to which Federer had no answer. Much better stuff from Murray.

Murray 4-2 Federer (2): Murray breaks! An exchange of volleys at the net ends with Murray hitting a game-winning two-handed forehand beyond Federer. Murray roars and so does the crowd.

That was probably Murray's best game of the match so far. He raced to a 0-40 lead but lost the next two points as Federer found range with this first serve. At 30-40 he managed to chip back Federer's first serve and stay in the rally before chasing a drop shot to the net and, after that exchange of volleys, securing the much-needed break. Now can he hold?

Murray 3-2 Federer (2): Murray does well to hold to 30 under pressure from Federer. The key point in that game was at 15-30. Federer netted a backhand with Murray seemingly out of the rally. A rare unforced error from Federer and Murray capitalised by wining the next two points to secure his serve.

Murray 2-2 Federer (2): A routine hold for Federer. He seems to have an uncanny knock for hitting the precise shot his opponent would least like to deal with.

Murray 2-1 Federer (2): An ace down the centre line confirms an easy Murray service hold to love. That was good play from Andy - now can he get after the Federer serve again?

Murray 1-1 Federer (2): Federer holds but Murray came within inches of a priceless break there. Murray had a break point at advantage and had negotiated a strong position in the ensuing rally. But he sent a backhand down the line - one of his favourite shots - inches long and the chance was gone.

Murray 1-0 Federer (2): Murray holds to 15. Where does he go from here? One of the greatest players who has ever lived is at the other side of the net and he's in top form. All Murray can do is try to shake things up a bit. His gameplan has been reasonably conservative so far. Now would be the time to mix things up. What has he got to lose?


Federer, serving like a god, races his way to three set points. Murray saves the first when a Federer forehand drifts long but he's back in trouble straight away and can only lob a desparate backhand into the path of the onrushing Federer. The Swiss smacks away an emphatic volley and earns his two set lead. What a performance this is from Federer.

Murray 4-5 Federer (1): A straightforward hold to 15 from Murray, whose serve has improved as this second set goes on.

Can Murray get after the Federer serve in this game? If he falls two sets behind then any kind of comeback seems unlikely. It's probably now or never for Dunblane's finest.

Murray 3-5 Federer (1): Federer holds to love - clinical stuff. Two aces and two deep serves which Murray could only parry back meant the British number one had no chance to pressurise in that game.

Will that game prove crucial? Murray still has to break back - no easy task - but at two breaks down and then, probably, two sets down the game would have been more or less over. None of this will matter, however, unless Murray can find a way to break the Federer serve.

Murray 3-4 Federer (1): Murray saves four break points to hold - how crucial could that be?

At 0-40 down the game looked over but Murray managed to scramble back to deuce. Murray saved another break point off the first deuce before taking the next two points on the spin. Great fighting spirit from the Scot.

Murray 2-4 Federer (1): Federer holds from the second deuce.

At 30-30 an extended rally ended when a Federer slice backhand clipped the top of the net and dribbled into Murray's side for the cruellest of winners. Murray battled on gamely but when Federer found himself in trouble he gunned his way out with some booming first serves.

Murray 2-3 Federer (1): Murray saves two break points to cling on in this second set. At 15-40, Murray looked in huge danger of letting this second set, and probably the match, slip beyond him. But an ace to the forehand court and then a well-controlled point at 30-40 got him back to deuce. Two service winners gave him the game. Well done, Andy. He's just got to dig in and try and knock Federer out of his stride, somehow.

Murray 1-3 Federer (1): Federer consolidates the break. Murray had his chances in that game, too, netting a forehand at 30-30 when the passing shot was on, but it's all a little flat at the moment. You feel he needs something to happen to give him a bit of spark, like that audacious forehand winner which turned the tide in the semi-final against Cilic. Federer is playing beautifully.

Murray 1-2 Federer (1): Federer breaks Murray to love. You have to say that was brilliant play from the world number one. Key point as at 0-30. Federer could only lob back a Murray forehand, which Murray smashed to the forehand side. Federer latched on to it in a flash and whipped a winner past the lunging Murray. Brilliant.

Murray 1-1 Federer (1): Federer holds to 30. Signs of encouragement there for Murray but if he is to play this match from behind the baseline he needs to pin Federer back a bit more. The Swiss was able to attack too many shortish groundstrokes from Murray in that game. Easy for me to say...

Murray 1-0 Federer (1): Murray, who has replaced his royal blue shirt with a white one, holds to 15. Good hold from Murray, there. Highlight of the game was a thumping forehand winner down the line which had Federer stumbling in its wake.


An assured service game from Federer gives him the opening set. He has played with increasing assurance but Murray is causing him problems. He has to improve his serve to get back in the game, however. A first serve percentage of below 50 per cent is not good enough.

Murray 3-5 Federer: Federer breaks to 30 and will serve for the first set. Murray took the new balls and promptly coughed up a double fault. He got it back to 30-30 but a stunning backhand winner and a fizzing cross-court forehand gave Federer the game.

Murray 3-4 Federer: Federer holds to 30. Murray again was happy to trade shots from the baseline but he couldn't put Federer under enough pressure in that game.

Murray 3-3 Federer: Murray holds to 15. A better service game from the number five seed, there. Federer hit the shot of the game - a vicious cross-court backhand winner which brought a long rally to a shuddering end - but he couldn't work many opportunities off Murray's serve.

Murray 2-3 Federer: Federer holds - but only after saving three break points.

The number one seed served his way out of trouble, there, after Murray raced to a 15-40 lead. Two booming aces, on the second deuce and at game point, won him the match but there are encouraging signs that Murray is getting at the Federer serve. His own serve needs to improve a little, however...

Murray 2-2 Federer: Murray holds to 30. His gameplan for this final is a bit of a departure from his wins against Nadal and Cilic, where he came to the net fairly regularly. In this game Murray stayed deep and was content to engage in long rallies with Federer.

Murray's first serve ratio needs to improve. He's giving Federer too many opportunities on his second serve at the moment.

Murray 1-2 Federer: Murray responds in spectacular style! Federer is chashing shadows as Murray ups his game. Some brilliant tennis from the Scot, including a volleyed forehand down the line at 0-15 and a couple of huge winners from the baseline. He whips a forehand out of Federer's reach to break back and get the first set on serve again. Brilliant.

Murray 0-2 Federer: Federer breaks. Murray falls to 0-40 on his first sevice game, failing to get a first serve in and double faulting on 0-15. Federer takes his second break point courtesy of a thumping cross-court forehand winner from the back of the court and Murray is in an early spot of bother. An easy break for Federer - what can Andy do in response?

Murray 0-1 Federer: Good start from Murray. He takes Federer to deuce on his opening service game and looks composed from the back of the court. A Murray backhand fills the net to give Federer the first game but it's an encouraging start.

Anyone looking for light reading between updates could do worse than take a look at this - Scotland on Sunday's brilliant A-Z of Andy Murray.

0840hrs: There has been some thunder and lightning in Melbourne today but the Rod Laver Arena's roof has been partially opened for the match so the elements will play a part. The players have finished knocking up. Federer will serve first. Impartiality be blowed - come on Andy!

0836hrs: So much has been written about the weight of history on Murray's shoulders. He would be the first British winner of the Australian Open since Fred Perry in 1934 - the first Scotsman every.

Hopefully Murray will listen to stats like that and think "who cares?". He's got enough on his plate beating arguably the best men's tennis player of all time, an athlete with 15 grand slam titles to his name and, according to Alix Ramsay in this morning's Scotland on Sunday, a man who isn't exactly his best chum...

0830hrs: The players are on the way to the Rod Laver Arena now. Aussie tv stops them for a quick word. Murray: "I'm looking forward to it. I've got a great chance and I'm looking forward to a great match."

Why do they bother with these interviews?

0828hrs: The two have met before in a grand slam final but Murray is a far more formidable player than the youngster who was dismissed in straight sets at the US Open in 2008.

0825hrs: Murray has played well in the tournament so far but nobody should underestimate the challenge in front of him. Federer has been in formidable form, exemplified by his semi-final thrashing of Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in straight sets. A win today would hoist Murray to a different level.

0820hrs: The action in the Rod Laver arena is scheduled to start in about 10 minutes at 7.30pm at night Melbourne time. Murray has had two full days of rest since his four set semi-final win over Marin Cilic.

The 22-year-old from Dunblane has stormed his way to a second grand slam final. Straightforward wins over Kevin Anderson, Marc Gicquel, Florent Serra and John Isner were followed by a barnstorming performance against Rafael Nadal and a thrilling comeback against Marin Cilic.

0815hrs: Morning everyone, Alan at here to take you through today's Australian Open final - what a way to start a Sunday!