Athletics: Webb hopes longstanding record will be hammered

EDINBURGH'S Shirley Webb has seen it all during an international hammer career that has spanned an Olympic Games, a European Championships, a European Cup and two Commonwealth Games.

But the 29-year-old, who is currently out of action having ruptured ligaments in her knee playing rugby last April in order to toughen up for her role on TV show Gladiators, where she plays Battleaxe, insists it's about time her Scottish hammer record was smashed.

Her personal best throw of 67.58m set in 2005 is still the Scottish record and sees her sit third on the all-time British list of throwers – but with the Commonwealth Games in 2014 in Glasgow now on the horizon Webb insists a young pretender must emerge, and quick.

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"There is a real depth to Scottish hammer throwing starting to emerge and there are some good throwers coming through so I think the record will go soon and I'll be happy to see that happen," said Webb.

"I haven't got a crystal ball so I don't know when it is going to go but there are certainly some talented hammer throwers around and I do keep my eye on them. Hopefully we can now start to challenge the domination of the eastern European countries in the sport and challenge for major medals."

Webb, who also appeared for the Scottish National Development Rugby Squad and was formerly a Great Britain masters diving champion, is now involved with passing on her experience to organisers ahead of Scotland hosting the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

Having appeared at the 2002 Commonwealth Games in Manchester and then again in Melbourne four years later – Webb explained she had considerable knowledge to pass on ahead of 2014.

"I am enjoying being involved with the Commonwealth Games and I think Glasgow is going to put on amazing games," she added, speaking at Bank of Scotland National School Sport Week.

"I've given my experience of the Games, there are a few of us who have been consulted and it is going well."

• BANK OF SCOTLAND National School Sport Week has been running from 7-11 June. To find out more visit