‘You’re joking me?’ - Edinburgh reacts to couple’s £4,500 wedding fundraiser plea

Many Evening News readers are less than pleased after an Edinburgh couple started a fundraiser to help pay for their wedding - because they can’t afford it.

Natalie Borg and fiance Richard McMurray are hoping to raise £4,500 for their big day on April 27.

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Scottish couple launch £4,500 wedding fundraiser - as they can’t afford big day

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The former belly dancer and her partner say they have been taking extra shifts at work and selling their belongings but are still falling short financially.

Natalie Borg and fiance Richard McMurray. Pic: Gofundme page

They say they are unable to put off the wedding and that they still need funds mainly for the venue, photographer, cake and dress alterations.

The couple have thanked members of the public in advance for any contributions they can make to the costs.

But their desperate plea isn’t sitting nicely with many Evening News readers, many of whom have been reacting with disbelief on social media.

One reader, Kirsten Robson, said: “You’re joking me?? Why should other people pay for their wedding?? Just wait till you can afford it like all of us or budget a cheaper wedding it can be done.”

The couple have taken extra shifts and sold their belongings but say they are still struggling to afforfd their big day. Pic: Gofundme page

Linda Menzies said: “Go to the registry office and have a pizza afterwards! It’s the marriage afterwards that counts, not the wedding!”

Jackie Cantwell said: “I could do with a new house and a holiday, maybe I should launch a gofundme page. This is getting ridiculous now.”

Mark Paterson said: “If it’s that important get down the town house then a few sandwiches at the local with a hired disco, job done. £500 and still enough left for a weekend at Butlin’s Ayr.”

Caroline Black Agnes Magoha said: “I will crowd fund for a child’s education, a family to assist an ill member, a needy child’s respite, a family to avoid homelessness but this smacks of entitlement and lack of empathy. Don’t hold the big fat Scottish wedding if you can’t afford it.”

And Debbie Ness wrote: “We got married on the beach in St Andrews. I made my own dress... made a vintage tea party which we had in the botanical gardens with Fisher and Donaldson fudge doughnuts for our wedding cake. Then went putting on the Himalayas and fish ‘n chips near the beach later on. Was THE most perfect day. Not that we COULDN’T have done more... but it wasn’t about that one single day (which fyi was the most beautiful day of my life) if this is an indicator of how this couple will face life’s challenges together then best of luck to em!!!”

However, there were also some supporters of the couple’s crowdfunding decision. Darren Fee said: “How do you donate? I would love to help bring such happiness to this couple.”

Yvonne Munro said: “Lol moan moan complain moan!! If it wasn’t made public by a newspaper would you even know or why do you even care??? Fair play to the couple, if you don’t ask you don’t get! If you want to donate, then you do so.... I don’t understand why so many people are negative and bitter what a generation we now live in!! Yeah, live within your means but I imagine this was done for family and friends to donate and help instead of buying presents and sensationalised by news!! Too many whingers these days... You don’t like it just scroll right past!!! Easy!!”

And Paul Millar said: “You people do realise that you don’t have to donate funds, don’t you? The comments on here look as if they’ve just come round to your house and threatened to smash your windows if you don’t pay up.”

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