Thom Evans set to make remarkable return to rugby

FORMER Scotland international Thom Evans is set to make a remarkable return to rugby five years after almost losing his life on the field of play.

Thom Evans hasn't played since 2010 when a spinal injury almost cost him his life. Picture: Robert Perry

Evans suffered a spinal injury and narrowly avoided paralysis after colliding with Wales full-back Lee Byrne during a Six Nations game in 2010.

He had to learn to walk again and was forced to look ahead to a life outside of the game.

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However, after extensive physiotherapy and training, Evans now feels in shape to take part in the International Open tournament at Dubai Sevens.

He said: “I’m honoured to be able to get the opportunity to play, and this tournament is to see how I hold up being back on the pitch. Only after the tournament will I have an idea about my rugby future.

“I played in the Rugby Aid match and my body felt strong and that is what got me interested in the sevens competition.

“I have no ambitions or anything other than just to play in this tournament in Dubai and see how my body holds up.

“The idea just now is to play sevens. The body feels really good. I will see how it is. I have been working really hard with Margot Wells and strengthening everything up.”