These are the 21 mottos of Scotland's historic counties

Scotland has a variety of unique phrases and sayings, some dating back hundreds of years ago.


But do you know these historic mottos and where in the country they hailed from? Note: Not all counties have historic mottos and are therefore not included in the list. Research was conducted by On Stride. Photos are for illustrative purposes only.

Trust in Angus.
Commit thy work to God.
Cling to thy heritage with diligence.
Dread God and do well.
Unite and be mindful.
In hope.
With hope and courage.
Look about you.
For law and liberty.
The North is our home. The sea is our friend.
Praise to God.
For all time.
Courage and toil.
For the good of the county.
Land of the elm trees.
Maintain our right.
Onward tweeddale.
Loyal to the border.
Yield not to misfortunes but go on more boldly against them.
God show the right.