Scots inventor of television honoured in hall of fame

John Logie Baird, the man who was the first in the world to televise objects in motion has been inducted into the Scottish Engineering Hall of Fame.

John Logie Baird, the inventor of television.

Professor Malcolm Baird, the son of John Logie Baird, provided some original material for the Hall of Fame website and said: 
“Scotland’s contributions to engineering are so great that it came as a surprise to me that the Scottish Engineering Hall of Fame has only been in existence for a few years. 

“The descendants of John Logie Baird in Scotland and Canada are delighted that he has been included and we hope that the SEHF will inspire bright young people to continue Scotland’s great tradition of engineering and innovation”.

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Baird produced televised images in outline in 1924, transmitted recognisable human faces in 1925 and demonstrated the televising of moving objects in 1926 at the Royal Institution.

Chairman and founder of the Scottish Engineering Hall of Fame, Gordon Masterton said “The Hall of Fame shows how Scotland can rightly claim to be one of the most important seed beds of great engineering accomplishments since the 16th Century. Engineering inspired enterprise has been part of Scotland’s DNA for nearly half a millennium.

“John Logie Baird is one of Scotland’s outstanding examples of ingenuity, invention and perseverance.

“We would like to see the public participate in nominations for the Hall of Fame, especially if it expands our group of living engineers and women engineers”