Rangers: Malcolm Murray ‘was fired by Imran Ahmad’

RANGERS chairman Malcolm Murray had been sacked by former Rangers director Imran Ahmad on Charles Green’s behest three months ago, according to reports.

From l-r: Malcolm Murray, Imran Ahmad and Charles Green, pictured last year. Picture: PA/Grant Campbell

• Secret tape reveals Imran Ahmad had sacked Malcolm Murray three months ago for improper conduct

• Ahmad had accused Murray of “back-stabbing” but gave director stay of execution until the end of the season

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A seven-minute recording of a conversation between Murray and Ahmad reveals that the chairman had been accused of “[stabbing] everyone in the back.”

Murray was also accused of improper conduct during his tenure by the former commercial director.

Green and Ahmad had apparently agreed to stall Murray’s departure until the end of the season in order to prevent upsetting investors.

In the tape, Ahmad is heard telling Murray: “You stay everyone in the back the first time you get a chance, so please don’t say you’re the victim here.”

Ahmad also accuses Murray of bad-mouthing him and “breaches of confidentiality”.

The seven-minute tape, obtained by the Scottish Sun, also reveals that Ahmad tells Murray that his departure would be “best for the company.”


Murray has been under sustained pressure to leave Ibrox after receiving a vote of no confidence from the board.

Reports of improper conduct amid a power struggle involving rival investors has also made his tenure increasingly precarious.