Nude art collective to host Dundee workshop

AN art collective in Dundee is looking for volunteers for their life modelling training course to be held next week. But there’s a catch – they have to be naked.

An art class conducted by All The Young Nudes. Picture: Facebook/ATYN
An art class conducted by All The Young Nudes. Picture: Facebook/ATYN

All The Young Nudes’ Dundee event follows on from the group’s successful Edinburgh and Glasgow workshops, with model teachers Topaz Pauls and Jill Skulina sharing decades of modelling experience between them.

With each event held in a pub or similar social space, the emphasis is on providing a relaxed social setting for what could potentially be a daunting affair.

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Participants will be able to get on both sides of the easel by drawing and posing. All drawing materials are provided, but for those posing nude a robe and slippers must be brought along by the ticket-holder.

In a statement on the event listing, organiser Skulina said: “We will have enough [attendees] for a lot of diversity of bodies and drawings in the group, and small enough to feel cosy and give myself and Jill the opportunity for closer tuition. At the last workshop there was an equal split of male/female models, which is ideal.

“Jill will give different demos of drawing techniques each time, and I will pose alongside the modelling group, chatting to you, telling you about the general experience of the model, and getting you to talk to the rest of the group about how you are experiencing it whilst you are in the pose.”

Prospective artists are encouraged to attend and leave aside any reservations they may have about their bodies or artistic abilities when they arrive for 6pm on the day.

“Younger/thinner really, really doesn’t mean better. At no point in time is it ever an ‘appraisal’ of your body,” Pauls added.

A sketch from one of All The Young Nudes' sessions. Picture: Facebook

“I hope to teach everyone there how to be not only comfortable nude, and how to think methodically about the shapes they make, but also about how to occupy their body in a more fluid, flexible, relaxed way.”

Tickets for the three-hour event, held at The Tin Roof Collective on Wednesday 9 December, are priced at £42.99 and can be purchased via the All The Young Nudes’ Eventbrite page.

More information on the event can also be found by emailing Pauls at [email protected] or by looking on the organisation’s website.