‘No photos, no vet records, no microchip’ - Edinburgh reacts to mum’s ownership claims over ‘long lost dog’

Many Evening News readers are backing a dog home charity after it refused to allow an Edinburgh mum to reunite with a pet she claims went missing from her home nine years ago.

Margaret Lawrie has cancelled her monthly donation to the Dog’s Trust over what she says is a “nonsensical” decision to not to hand over Border Collie, Connie.

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Edinburgh mum ‘disgusted’ by charity’s refusal to let dog come ‘home’ after 9 ye...

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The 39-year-old claims her pooch went missing almost a decade ago from a friend’s home while she was in hospital.

Margaret Lawrie and her daughter, Arieann, along with the Border Collie they want to be reuinted with.

And after believing she had spotted the dog, now called Tilly, on the Dogs Trust website last month she went to the charity’s West Calder shelter to see her.

But with no proof of ownership or no microchip on the animal, Margaret is unable to verify that she was the previous owner.

The charity has also deemed Margaret’s one-bedroom flat in the Telford area an unsuitable environment for the dog, which needs a garden.

And Evening News readers have been airing their views on the situation on social media.

One reader, Maureen Berry, said: “I back Dogs Trust. This women can give no evidence this dog is hers, even a vet visit?

“No one knows what this dog has been through and what it can cope with. She already has a dog and rabbits. So maybe home is not suitable. Do not trash a charity that’s putting dogs first, not humans.”

Josie Jo said: “The Dogs Trust do amazing work and they are absolutely right not to give someone in a one bedroom flat a rescue dog. This woman has no proof the dog was hers! Does she not have a vet she can call to verify this or a picture. Very odd and well done Dogs Trust.”

Sheila Wilson said: “Sorry but I back the Dogs Trust all the way. She can’t prove that the dog is hers, no photos, no vet records, no microchip and her environment isn’t suitable for the dog.

“After 9 years let the dog remain settled where it is.”

Lorna Allan said: “Surely if the dog had been that important and beloved family pet, she’d at least have photos of it!”

Suzanne Tarbet said: “It’s a shame but if you don’t have proof? And the dog is settled now x if it was me I would leave the dog were it was even if I had proof. Why unsettle the dog ?”

Kiimberlee Gally was more sympathetic to Margaret, writing: “If this was me I’d never give up. I’d be digging most all pictures if the dog, getting vet and insurance records etc. This would break my heart. But then I have always had my dogs chipped just incase! I feel for both sides.”

And Terrie Hutton is more supportive of Margaret’s plea, stating: “She is offering a loving home. The dog needs a loving home. She wouldn’t go through all this for nothing if she didn’t care!”

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