Muirhouse man blocks Edinburgh street with car in missed bin collection row

A MUIRHOUSE resident has barricaded a street in the area with his car in protest over a missed bin collection.

Ronnie Scotland is so sick of the fact that the local bins haven't been collected he has parked his car at the end of the street and plans to remain there until the police come. Pic: Neil Hanna Photography .

Ronnie Scotland said he is “willing to get arrested” over his campaign after becoming frustrated with a lack of contact from waste management teams.

Mr Scotland, 71, said the authority regularly missed collections and have not emptied any bins in Muirhouse Gardens for more than a week, despite consistently turning up on time for neighbouring Silverknowes.

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But Ronnie, who recently returned home after having surgery on his aortic valve, said he was “sick of Muirhouse being forgotten,” adding: “It has been an absolute nightmare, they were supposed to be emptied a week past Tuesday and the council haven’t even bothered to turn up.”

Mr Scotland recently returned home after having heart surgery. Pic: Neil Hanna

“But it’s every week with this, there are bits of rubbish and black bags everywhere. Lassies are walking up and down the street with their prams and they can’t get past.”

“You pay your money, your council tax and they just give you nothing for it.”

He continued: “Enough’s enough at this point, I’m willing to get arrested because someone has to take a stand.”

“I’m not moving until the council come and clear up this mess.”

Ronnie says the authority regularly miss collections in the area - but are consistently on time for neighbouring Silverknowes. Pic: Neil Hanna Photography

One resident, who witnessed the protest, said: “When I went to speak to him, he said he was doing until the police arrive or until the council show up to empty the bins.”

“Good on him for taking a stand, but every person in the street now has their bins all across the road.”

“No one can get their car down, it is just absolute chaos.”