McCoist insists David Murray is due an apology

ALLY MCCOIST last night insisted that former Ibrox chairman Sir David Murray is due an apology after the club was cleared in their tax case with the HMRC, it was reported today.

Rangers chairman David Murray is owed an apology according to Ally McCoist. Picture: Reuters

Following the result of the HMRC’s failure to win their appeal against the court’s decision in favour of the Ibrox club, the Ibrox manager believes many people owe David Murray an apology. Speaking in California, following the news of Lord Doherty’s decision, he said: “The sad thing is that, in our country, the vindication will stick in some people’s throats. That’s how sad the environment we are living in is. They will not acknowledge it at all. That is the problem. I said it at the time, the reaction to our club from some people who should have known better was absolutely shocking. They were talking about taking titles off of us? When I look back and think about that...”

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McCoist stopped there but when questioned further he admitted that he was happy that Murray in particular had been vindicated. He added: “The one person I have to say I’m delighted for is Sir David Murray. The amount of mud thrown at David Murray was incredible. But it has now been proven that the club run under his stewardship was not guilty of anything. Then you go the next step. Did it affect the sale of club? One hundred percent it did. No doubt.”

McCoist fears that Murray won’t get the apology he deserves from the people who owe him one, saying: “I would definitely say there are certain people I would hope David Murray would get answers from in high-up places. In and out of the game. But I’ll tell you right now I don’t think he’ll get an enquiry. I doubt that he would even get an apology from certain people. It certainly leaves, at best, a very bad taste in my mouth and with a lot of people at Rangers when you think of what has happened. It needn’t have happened. It’s horrendous. I will never forget some of the things which have been said and done to our club by people who should have known better.”