Tesco store runs out of baskets - after spate of thefts

A Tesco store. Picture: Contributed.
A Tesco store. Picture: Contributed.
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Locals in Stornoway have reacted with bewilderment after the local Tesco store announced that a spate of thefts meant that they could no longer provide baskets for shoppers.

The Western Isles shop reported on their official Facebook page that over a dozen baskets a week were being lifted from the shop, with commenters quick to query why on earth someone would commit such a crime.

The ‘Stornoway Tesco’ Facebook wrote: “We are very sorry to say that we are unable to provide our customers with shopping baskets due to them being taken from the store.

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“We are losing approx 15 baskets a week due to theft.

“We have more baskets on order but they take 6 weeks to arrive.

“If anyone has a basket, can you please return them to the store. No questions asked on return!”

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One local wrote: “I thought they were kidding on Saturday when I was told this . What a blooming disgrace ,charge £2 for them and get back when basket goes back ...I remember the ones with wheels were stolen in Inches store .. seems they were ‘handy’ for gardening.”

Another added: “Is this a sudden surge in thefts or have they always disappeared at this rate ? Also what are people using them for ? It just triggers my curiosity!”