Instructions for Carrie Fisher’s dog all hot air

IT’S clearly not a dog’s life - at least not for this A-list pooch.

Actress Carrie Fisher. Picture: AP
Actress Carrie Fisher. Picture: AP

After boarding a train in Edinburgh at the start of a luxury Scottish tour, Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher demanded staff provide her French bulldog, Gary, with hamburgers and ice-cream.

The hound, famous for having his tongue constantly sticking out, was served by the Royal Scotsman’s staff who had to follow strict instructions - including no rind on the bacon.

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But the indulgent diet backfired as the dog was unable to stop breaking wind during the rest of their visit earlier this year.

Carrie Fisher appearing in Good Housekeeping magazine with her dog Gary. Picture: PA

One American passenger added: “With oil from the North Sea in decline, Gary has enough gas in him to power Scotland.”