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Parisian 'It Girl' Jeanne Dumas appears to take a look under Howie Nicholsby's kilt in a photograph for an ad campaign for the clothing retailer Mango; he'd tried to say no but eventually relented (Picture: Mango)

Upkilting isn’t a laughing matter – Jane Bradley

Kiltmaker Howie Nicholsby reveals to Jane Bradley that he’s had a number of unpleasant encounters over the years, after relunctantly agreeing to allow a French model to apparently peek under his kilt during a PR stunt for the Mango clothing retailer.

William Lindsay

Background: Teenager William Lindsay died in custody after being failed by system

In Lambhill Cemetery, not far from the red-brick chapel and crematorium, there is a recently filled lair. Its boundaries are marked by four words spelled out in blue flowers: SON, BROTHER, NEPHEW, UNCLE. The surface is strewn with wilted bouquets and and, at the top, a can of Rockstar has been carefully positioned, tipped on one side as if it is about to be drunk. There is no headstone as yet. But when it is erected it might well read: Here lies William Lindsay. October 2001 – October 2018. Failed By the System.

Glasgow & Strathclyde
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