Scotland’s weather: ‘Legend’ spotted skiing down Glasgow street

The snow is particularly bad in Glasgow. Picture: John Devlin
The snow is particularly bad in Glasgow. Picture: John Devlin
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A brave pedestrian has brightened the gloom for many Scots with his antics in the midst of the so-called ‘beast from the east’ weather front, after he was photographed skiing down Alexandra Parade in Glasgow.

The man, whose name is not known, was spotted skiing down Alexandra Parade in Glasgow and has quickly gone viral for the unique approach to the snowy weather.

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Schools across the city are closed, and bus and train services are largely not operating as the country reels from the impact of the ‘beast from the east’, a blast of cold air from Siberia.

The man’s exploits were shared on social media, with viewers quick to call him a ‘legend’ for his novel way of tackling the snowy conditions underfoot.

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Some even compared him to legendary skier ‘Eddie the Eagle’.

On Facebook, Jack Magill wrote: “Got right into the Winter Olympic Spirit. Bought an entry level set of Ski’s and wondered what to do next. Wakes up this morning, looks out the window.

“‘Ma time tae shine.” he whispers to himself. On yersel, Paul the Penguin!”

Jayla Dark added: “For those who are complaining that they can’t get outside....There’s a dude on Skis on Alexandra Parade in Glasgow...Get yer coat on.”