Store renamed in honour of Teacake Supremo Sir Boyd Tunnock

Hot on the heels of his knighthood in the Queen’s Birthday Honours, Sir Boyd Tunnock has collected another accolade this week after Scotmid renamed one of its stores for a day.

Campbell Lochie, Scotmid Tannochsides store manager, and Tunnocks managing director Sir Boyd Tunnock. Picture: Ian Georgeson

The retailer’s Tannochside store was temporarily named Tunnockside to celebrate the achievement.

Uddingston-based Tunnock’s, whose factory is situated opposite Scotmid’s Old Mill Road store and two miles from the Tannochside branch, has been supplying its famous products, including Caramel Wafers, Snowballs and Teacakes, to Scotmid for more than a century.

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Campbell Lochie, Scotmid Tannochside’s store manager, said: "Tunnock’s is such a big part of Uddingston and the local community we serve.

"I’ve lived in Uddingston for most of my life, so fully understand how important Tunnock’s are in the area and it is great to be able to honour Sir Boyd’s achievement by renaming our store for a day.

"It was fantastic to be able to welcome Sir Boyd to our store to mark the occasion – he is such an inspiration and a great person to speak with."

John Brodie, Scotmid chief executive, said: "Congratulations to Sir Boyd – his contribution to the food industry has been huge and he thoroughly deserves his knighthood, so as a bit of fun and to mark his honour we renamed our store Tunnockside."

Sir Boyd added: "It was lovely to be recognised by Scotmid with the store being renamed ‘Tunnockside’ for a day. That honour is almost on par with receiving a knighthood!

"On a serious note, it is great to be able to share the good news with the Uddingston community, who have been driving force behind the Tunnock’s story and also with Scotmid, who when they were called St Cuthbert’s were one of our first big contracts in the 1960s."

Scotmid merged with the Uddingston Co-operative in 1991.